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thermo_bottleOffering prospective clients promotional products is an inexpensive, effective way to get your brand noticed — and remembered. However, it’s not enough to hand out a letter opener or magnet emblazoned with your company’s name, logo and address. Today’s brand-savvy consumers and clients want more, but you still want to leave an impression without breaking the bank. Here are 10 of the hottest promotional products that will create some positive buzz about your company without taking a sizeable dent out of your advertising budget.


Millions of Americans spend free time running on the treadmill or outside walking, cycling or enjoying their favorite audiobook or musician on an MP3 player. Bulky headphones are a thing of the past and now more than ever people are choosing earbuds. Earbuds are ideal for men and women of all ages and are available in a variety of colors, price points and styles, including magnetic and retractable.

Flash Drive

Aside from a cellular phone, there is one item that many on-the-go professionals won’t leave home without: a flash drive. These items are convenient, portable and, most importantly, very useful. From backing up your sensitive data quickly to running portable apps and games, there are dozens of uses for USB flash drives.

Luggage Tag

It’s estimated that nearly 26 million checked bags are lost each year. From honest mistakes to malicious mishandlings, the amount of personal belongings, electronics and even cash lost every year is staggering. One inexpensive way to combat this issue is by clearly marking the suitcase or bag with a luggage tag featuring the owner’s address, name and phone number. The consumer might not be impressed by the luggage tag at first, but they’ll definitely appreciate it when they immediately recognize their black suitcase among all the other black suitcases on the baggage claim belt.

Stainless Steel Tumbler

When rushing out the door in the morning, most people probably grab their keys, wallet or purse and stainless steel tumbler filled with that all-important cup of morning coffee. Each time your potential clients enjoy their first cup of coffee of the morning, they’ll see your company’s name, brand and logo.


Whether it runs on the Apple, Windows or Android system, approximately one-half of all Americans use a smartphone. A stylus is a quick, handy way to navigate through websites without smudging that sleek touchscreen with fingerprints. Several models of stylus also come equipped with a ballpoint pen, making it an invaluable tool for your tech-savvy clients

Insulated Cup w/Straw

If you have any eco-conscious current and potential employers, an insulated cup with a straw is the ideal promotional product. Otherwise known as a stadium cup, an insulated cup featuring a straw is the perfect way to promote your brand at a variety of events, from music concerts to professional or minor league sports games.

iPhone Case/Protector

There are many smartphones on the market, but the Apple iPhone is still far and away one of the most popular. On the average day, count how many times you check email, make a phone call or simply browse the net from your smartphone. If you provide consumers or clients with an iPhone case, each time they do the same, they’ll see your company’s logo, name and address.

Tablet/iPad Sleeve

Tablets and iPads are quickly replacing desktops and even laptops as the computer of choice for many younger adults. Sleeves for tablets do more than just protect this expensive piece of technology. Many also double as organizers and are used to house smartphones, pens and just about everything a traveling client or consumer could need. This promotional product is ideal for a wide range of individuals, from higher-end clients to college students.


Pens are classic promotional products that never go out of style. They’re inexpensive and always appreciated by potential and existing clients and consumers. If you have a limited budget but want to effectively get your brand noticed, you can’t go wrong with promotional pens.


If you’re looking for a larger promotional product that is guaranteed to create some buzz, consider covering an umbrella with your company’s name and logo. Umbrellas are available in a variety of styles and colors, and they are a fun, lightweight and inexpensive way to get your brand noticed.

There are a variety of clever, unexpected and inexpensive promotional products available. Before determining which is the best option for your brand and budget, consider your clientele. Would your customer and clients prefer a stylus and iPad cover, or would they get more use out of an umbrella or pen?

About the Author: Jenny Myerson is a guest blogger and small-business owner. Whenever Jenny is out promoting her small bakery, she always uses items purchased from

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  1. Don S. Davis says:

    These days, more and more people choose tumblers. This item is very useful, both in and out of the office. Thanks!

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