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Bank-lending regulations continue to tighten as the U.S. economy struggles to emerge from its ongoing slump. However, creative business owners have found ways to prosper and grow in spite of economic challenges. Purchase order (PO) funding (also called purchase order financing) is a fast and flexible, small-business–friendly option that sources such as The New York Times Small Business Guidehave endorsed in recent years. PO funding offers many attractive advantages over  [ Read More ]

DIY ways out of debt

Being in debt is a common problem in today’s society. The trouble is that credit is made so freely available that it’s all too easy to have a number of credit cards as well as overdraft facilities at the bank. If you aren’t really strict with yourself about how you budget, debts can easily get out of control. If you live beyond your means, it stands to reason that your  [ Read More ]

There is some confusion as to the difference between call logging and call recording. The latter carries with it several negative connotations – after all, no one likes the thought of their telephone calls being monitored needlessly! However call logging can be hugely beneficial for any business, large or small, and is certainly not invasive like call recording can be. The Benefits of Call Logging Call recording tends to be  [ Read More ]

You may have heard that old saying – a thing is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it. This is true for businesses as well; your company is only worth what you are able to sell it for, which is why selling your business is such an important process to get right. There are many important things to remember when preparing a business for sale; however the  [ Read More ]

A loan is a serious long-term commitment, and it will have a considerable impact on your life for the following years, so it’s not something to be treated lightly. You should never take the first offer that comes along – especially when it comes in the mail, as an ad, or a pop-up while you’re browsing the net. Take your time to evaluate several offers, ask for quotes, and, once  [ Read More ]

When you own a small business, the biggest challenge is finding sources to finance your operations. The cash flow is the most difficult aspect to manage; you may have the most brilliant idea, you can offer perfect services or great products, but, without the help of accounts receivable lenders to keep things running, the business won’t last very long. Therefore, you need to find a good bank that will support  [ Read More ]

Whether you’re operating through a limited company or have enlisted the expertise of an umbrella company, it’s imperative that you keep a careful eye on accountancy matters. The freedom that comes with being a contractor means that you’ll probably be inclined to spend more time sourcing contracts, however it is equally important to stay on top of what tax is due. Admittedly, there’s a good chance you might not always  [ Read More ]

Government debt consolidation loan is one of the best option for debt consolidation offered to a borrower. These kind of loans are such as personal loans; nevertheless these loans are different in some methods. With these loans, you will be able to pay off a portion of your debt what you owe and can get a appropriate and customized financial debt remedy. By using this type of loan, you can  [ Read More ]

Whether it is your annual tax return, general bookkeeping or trying to work out how to pay your employees in the most effective fashion, working with the accounts of a small business can be a nightmare for those who are untrained in the practice. Hiring an accountant to take charge of everything can be expensive and bringing in a full-time member of staff to deal with the payroll will probably  [ Read More ]

Event promoter and organizer business keeps increasing nowadays. We can find many companies that organize events of other institutions, or hold the events of their own. The later companies usually have their own purposes and specialization, such as business marketing training and information. Cooperating with these event organizers has some advantages to help our event be more successful. But it has some risks and weaknesses as well, especially if the  [ Read More ]

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