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Accounts receivables may be a source of immediate funding for a business. Factoring is a financial transaction that involves a business selling its accounts receivable invoices to a third party or factor. These accounts receivable are usually sold at a discount, and the business is given a lump sum payment for the discounted receivables. Factoring invoices provides immediate capital to the seller of the accounts, and these accounts are sold  [ Read More ]

Renewable energy, including solar power, is no longer exclusive to business owners and power companies. Residential home owners now have the opportunity to greatly decrease their power costs by taking advantage of Solar Panels. Save Hundreds with Solar Panels This innovative power source can save you hundreds in water heating, lighting, and running of appliances. In fact studies have shown that the average home owner can save up to twenty  [ Read More ]

Along with fun and sun, the summer season provides us with the perfect weather for completing home renovations. The warm and dry season is great for carrying out all types of restoration, decoration, and home renovation projects. Whether you are looking to completely revamp the entire house, or you just want to improve a couple of rooms, the best time to complete Home Renovations is now. Home Renovations: The Kitchen  [ Read More ]

Were you the type of kid who started a lemonade stand and actually convinced adults to purchase your sugary concoction? Does the idea of working for someone else and leaving your financial destiny in the hands of a large business leave a sour taste in your mouth? Starting a small business instead of entering the corporate rat race might be the best option for you, and it’s possible to begin  [ Read More ]

The trouble with finance emergencies is that very often you can’t really plan for them. Planning your budget often concerns day-to day expenses and monthly bills, but by definition finance emergencies aren’t at all covered by budget plans. When these finance emergencies do occur, too often we don’t have enough money to cover them, especially when our paychecks are barely enough to cover basic necessities. Yet there is a way  [ Read More ]

Today, very few mortgage broker businesses are successfully utilising online platforms, professional web design, or any form of search engine optimisation. The movement away from traditional marketing mediums has been slow to catch on in this field. While outdated television, radio, and print advertisements are still many Mortgage Brokers’ primary communication channels, the realisation that these methods are no longer as prosperous as they once were, is slowly dawning on  [ Read More ]

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