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Almost every country in the industrialised West is facing basically the same gigantic economic problem. During the early parts of the last decade, when things were good in most economies and they were growing rapidly, governments often instituted social programmes to help the needy and the disenfranchised, using either government bonds or other sources of revenue to fund their projects. From a purely social point of view, this is a  [ Read More ]

Establishing an excellent credit history is generally a topic of interest for consumers looking to borrow money in the future, but the same focus is as important for your business. If you only have a few examples of borrowing to demonstrate your business’s financial management, it may be difficult to secure the funds you need to improve and grow your business. If the situation continues, the outcome will not only  [ Read More ]

Every business has diverse assets. As the company grows, those assets have a tendency to become both more diverse, and more numerous. Before you know it, managing a burgeoning IT and fixed assets portfolio is taking up a disproportionate amount of time and money. Asset management software is touted as the efficient solution, but is it really a universal panacea, improving efficiency while also cutting costs? Better Understanding – What,  [ Read More ]

Supposedly a picture is worth a thousand words. Those words were never truer than they are in reference to expanding your online customer base. It doesn’t matter how good a writer you are, endless blocks of text on your website, Tumblr or Facebook page will scare people away. However, you don’t have to give up words completely. In fact, well executed infographics can enhance your white papers and website text.  [ Read More ]

When you have your affairs in order, spending enjoyable time with your family is the highlight of your day.  Making sure that the contents of your home are protected from damage, theft, or fraud can give you peace of mind and a positive outlook on all the activities that surround spending time with family and friends.  You should partner with a reliable company so that you can get the best  [ Read More ]

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