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One of the most contentious areas of management in all different areas of business is the performance evaluation or review. The performance evaluation has the potential to cause anger, resentment, and frustration – on both sides of the professional relationship. But the review is an essential part of organisational life and when handled correctly can be a positive force for change and also for professional development. Find out how not  [ Read More ]

There has never been a better time for investment in the future. Consumer confidence has returned and with that the potential for every business to increase its turnover after a long period of stagnation. The recovery in the UK was good news for everyone. The recession had dragged on too long across Europe, but fortunately London has led the way out, initially with the demand for housing. There has always  [ Read More ]

One of the ways you can help your business expand is by buying new equipment, investing in transport vehicles, and the like. With better equipment and other assets, you can improve your products and services and enlist more customers as well. But purchasing new equipment and machinery, among others, is easier said than done. This is especially true if you are just starting out and do not have the necessary  [ Read More ]

I guess you have seen the picture circulating around various social networks and blogs online, about the difference between a boss and a leader (if not, do a quick Google search for it, I’ll wait). It shows a basic difference between the two: the boss will stand above the team and shout instructions from a distance, while a leader does what the name suggests: leads the team from up close,  [ Read More ]

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