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business-computerWith the New Year already well on its way, now might be a good time to think of some ways you can increase the efficiency of your business so that the new tax year in May begins with a flying start.  With 2014 set to be a year of substantial economic development in the UK, this marks a prime opportunity to grow your profit.  Here’s how:

1 – Computing Power at Affordable Prices

If you’re operating a business in 2014, it’s very likely that at least some portion – if not all – of your work is conducted in online space.  This means that your team are all going to need their own computers, and ensuring you have the right software for your needs can be challenging.  Two good solutions to this problem are: 1. Allow your employees to bring their own laptops to work, and 2. Consult an expert supplier of desktops such as SCC Trade who offer high quality, second hand computers at reasonable prices and can advise you on the right course of action for your needs.

2 – Recruit the Right People

It’s no small truth that recruitment is one of the most difficult and costly processes involved in running a business in the 21st century, and with recruitment companies clamouring for your business, the trend is only set to increase over the coming years.  This makes recruiting and retaining the right employees essential.  The best ways to do this are to make the recruitment process as thorough as possible to ensure that only the most suitable candidates get through, and then to retain them through fast internal progression, responsibility, and financial incentives.

3 – Effecting Digital Marketing Strategy

An effective digital strategy can grow your business significantly, and if managed correctly, doesn’t necessitate a great deal of time and effort to coordinate.  Broaden your coverage using a variety of social media channels and maximise your time-output ratio by using social media tools like Twitonomy, that allow you to schedule your communications with the wider world so you can guarantee coverage even when you’re unavailable.  Ultimately, if you create good branding and content, your online fans will share your content for you so you can have a large audience within a few hours.

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