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Networking events are the scourge of most entrepreneurs’ lives. For many of us, these are bland, dull and repetitive events where it can be hard to engage with worthwhile businessmen. For business owners across the land, it is important to remember that events such as these are a waste of both time and money, with both the host and the guest failing to have a worthwhile experience. Due to this, if you’re hosting a networking event, it is incredibly important that you think outside the box. Here are our top hints and tips:

Make Practicality King

Actually using your products is the best way to sell them and, as a result of this, you should make your products the centrepiece of your event. No matter what your business sells there will be a way of showcasing it and from fashion show to sport display, there’s a viable option for all businesses. The practicality of your event should ensure that your event is varied and different, thus attracting people who would otherwise skip it. If you’re confident in the product you’re selling, physically displaying it and using it should boost sales.

Throw Caution to the Wind

Networking events can be cost effective but, if you aim to cut costs at every corner, it is likely that you will come up with an under par event that will fail to enthuse potential investors and business partners. So, instead of this, you should aim to ‘push the boat out’ and create an event that will have a lasting memory. To do this, why not opt for specialist accommodation rather than simply hiring a business suit? If you do this, you can select temporary accommodation that will showcase your products in the surroundings they would be used. For sports retailers in particular, this can be an invaluable tool so that you can show your products in their natural light with specially tailored temporary accommodation.

Cater For Every Taste

Sometimes, incentivising can be the only way to lure potential clients to your event. So, with this in mind, make sure you cater for all of your guests (especially if your event is held over lunch). This should provide all of your guests with ideal motivation to come to your event and, what’s more, it will also provide the perfect point of conversation while people are at your event.

There we have it, three ways that you can spice up your event to attract the guests you want to be there- good luck.

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