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If you have begun to do some research into providing extra benefits to your staff in order to ensure even greater loyalty, then there are questions that you will need answered before you can come to a positive conclusion. The Internet is certainly there to help if you need it.


Happy to get employee benefits

Will this take much of my time?

A specialist company is likely to take on the workload; the preparation of emails as well as plenty of information for the staff to read. In addition it will do example calculations on the financial side so that everyone can see the benefit they are receiving for a specific deduction from their gross salary and pointing out the reduced tax and NI Involved if they were to proceed.

If benefits get the nod, it is simple to do a single salary adjustment which applies from the time the benefit is provided and remains in force until cancellation.

What costs are involved?

Your business may have been having a hard time and you certainly do not want to add to your expenditure. The onus is on the specialist company to demonstrate that it will not. There will be a saving on employer NI when the salary comes through salary deduction. At the same time your employees may opt for purchasing some services from their net salaries that can be offered far more competitively than they would find elsewhere.

Your employees need to make up their own minds as to the financial benefits there are by using some of the offers within a wide package of things. Certainly the cost of things like childcare is likely to be significantly reduced. That is unless you have family to help look after your youngster. Professional help is certainly expensive, particularly in the big cities.

The staff is indifferent

You do not need to get involved in selling the idea to the staff. The providers should be happy to talk to every member of staff to explain things in full. There will be no obligation if anyone is still not convinced. They simply opt out.

Will I be tied to a contract?

There is no question of your being tied into a long term contract. This is a service industry that is there to answer questions at all times as things progress. Obviously, if someone takes out an annual membership then that is the term of their particular agreement but you are not committing yourself for ever more on anything at all.

You can discuss all the detail before ever deciding to use a particular company. You should see a high satisfaction rate with a professional service company to help you make up your mind.

You may have many other questions, particularly if the whole idea is new to you. You will be free to ask away and read through information on the company’s website until you have a complete grasp of things.

It is simple to introduce employee benefits that can reinforce your relationship with your workforce. It shows that you are interested in them and the welfare of their families. It is surely worth a call to investigate this further?

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