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Unfortunately, there are unscrupulous people in the world today and business security has never been more important. Imagine how frustrating it would be for you to lose valuable cash or assets because of a burglary or damage due to a break-in. This is particularly important if you are a small business who simply cannot afford to write-off losses and every penny counts.

Here are five simple ways to improve your business’s security factor:

Hire a Security Guard

Security guards are a great introduction to businesses, especially if you have never had one. It’s usually a good idea to go through a reputable agency as they provide many additional benefits. For example, if your guard is unable to work for any reason, they will provide a replacement. You also get the reassurance that your guard is an experienced individual and knows their role intricately.

Security guards will often perform tasks outside of their normal role and usually end up becoming a real asset to your business. They will perform their routine patrols, help you lock up the premises and provide a visual deterrent for wannabe burglars.

Lock all Doors and Windows

It might sound obvious, but this is especially important because burglars often look for the areas of a workplace that provide the easiest access. Doors and windows are the obvious choices and so ensuring that they are all locked at the end of each day is vital. Devise a routine that your security guard or another employee can follow that will ensure nothing is left unlocked overnight.

Install Alarms

If you don’t want to go down the security guard route, burglar alarms are a great way to deter potential thieves. They can often be linked to external security agencies and/or the local police for extra peace-of-mind. If an alarm sounds while someone is snooping around your premises they will almost certainly make a run for it. In fact, just the visual aspect of an alarm is more than enough to deter most thieves.

Install Security Cameras

Much like alarms, security cameras provide a great visual deterrent in the first instance. However, they can actually serve a dual-purpose and protect your business from both external and internal threats. It may be the case that you have had some mysterious losses and there have been no signs of a break-in overnight. You may be suspicious that one of your employees is actually responsible, which is why security cameras are a great investment. They can also be used to record vital information that may prove useful in case of a workplace dispute or grievance.

Adopt a Secure Data Disposal Policy

Thefts can also occur from redundant IT equipment and media like CDs, if they are not disposed of correctly. It is no longer good enough to simply throw away old computers as the data they may still contain could be exploited by criminals. This is why there are now specialist companies such as who provide professional IT equipment disposal, which ensures that your business and your customers’ information doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.

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