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There’s something special about classic cars; from the different designs that often reflect the evolution of style over the decades, to the astonishing, gutsy horsepower you can get from particular sports vehicles of the past, to the historical sounds and smells of ever changing engines.

Even the most indifferent, anti-motoring folk will raise an eyebrow of recognition at these incredible specimens of engineering and on top of this, classic and rare car owners are increasingly finding themselves making a tidy profit when (and if) they part with their beloved vehicles.

What Makes a ‘Classic’?

The connotations behind the word ‘classic’ pertain to something that has proved itself to be of high-quality over a period of time, but you don’t necessarily have to go back half a century. There is no strict definition for when a car becomes a ‘classic’, some cars can get by on their reputation alone like Jaguar and Rolls Royce, but cars from the 1980’s such as the 1982 Ford Cortina have had the honour bestowed upon them – this is providing they are in pristine condition.

With that comes one of the biggest caveats; a large part of their value is from their condition and their history. Many people spend a great deal of time repairing and renovating essentially dilapidated vehicles, to give them a new lease of life and get them looking new. This does take a lot of skill, knowledge and time though, and furthermore the more valuable vehicles are those that have been restored with original parts, which are becoming more difficult to source.

The Rarer the Better

It is reasons like this that though they are continuing to rise in price; the condition, parts, model number and work-done basically make a car more unique, but rarer and harder to find. One particularly interesting example to demonstrate this is this particularly scarce vintage Vauxhall from Exchange and Mart.

A Worthwhile Investment?

The big question to ask yourself though is, is this a worthwhile investment for you? The answer really does depend on your intentions and circumstances.

If you have the time and skills and finances required to renovate a car then you can easily find yourself turning a profit when you sell on. If you’re an enthusiast or are just looking to purchase, thoroughly research prices for certain models before you buy, but it also depends whether you intend to drive it or not; the temptation will always be there to do so and the older cars can breakdown with hefty repair and maintenance bills.

One thing that will definitely be worthwhile though is the feeling of joy you’ll get every time you see your very own classic car.


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