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Electricity can, and does, kill and injure people, and when you think about how many electrical appliances are used on a daily basis in the workplace it can cause some concern. The safety of your employees is up to you, and this is why you need to regularly check all of your electrical appliances to check that they are safe to use, and this is called portable appliance testing, or PAT as it is more commonly called. This involves thoroughly checking everything about the appliance, and the way that most businesses will get this done is to call out a qualified electrician. When you have hundreds of appliances that have been checked at different times this can become expensive though, so what is the best solution to this problem?

More and more people are now getting one of their members of staff PAT certified so that all of the testing can easily be carried out in house, and this could save you a fortune over time. You can easily get a member certified, and they do not have to have had any previous electrical training either so you can get any member of staff to become qualified. The easiest way to get this done is to sign them up for a quick course, available at places like PASS electrical training courses, and at places like this they will have courses that can be completed in just one day. Following completion of these courses, the staff member will be able to undertake basic PAT work which will include sufficient testing of the appliances in your place of work, and they will also be able to keep records to a sufficient level according to the Electricity at Works Regulations. It is important to keep these records in case one of your appliances were to injure someone, as it shows that you have been regularly testing and taking measures to protect your employees.

The Right Move to Make

This is the smart business move to make, as all of your appliances will need to be regularly checked and cleared for safety, and calling out an electrician time after time can cost you a huge amount. It is a lot more cost effective, simple and straightforward to get it done in house, and with courses as short as one day it can be almost immediate as well.

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