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With the increasing demand of jute bags and cloths, more and more people are longing to understand how to cultivate it.

Jute farming is not a complicated task. However, it requires time and effort to get your needed amount of natural fiber.

Jute is considered as one of the most essential natural fibers. Like cotton, it has perfect usage in commercial market. Cultivating this natural fiber depends on the season, soil and climate. According to research, the area that cultivates jute the most is centered in the Ganges Delta. This abundant geographic region is shared by both India and Bangladesh.

What is Jute?

Jute is a common type of hibiscus plant in which the plan fibers are used to produce fabric. This fabric is often used in packing and for making sacks or bags, particularly for agricultural purposes. This type of plant is sometimes called twine or burlap. As compared to other types of fabric, it is cheap and can make natural-looking bags that can hold heavy objects. These heavy objects can be in the agricultural industry like packing root crops. It can also be used for producing beach bags, pursues and gift bags. With its extensive purpose, a large number of people desire to know how to cultivate it.

Things to Know about Jute Farming

To cultivate jute, farmers scatter the jute seeds on the cultivated soil. They wait these seeds to grow until they reach about 15-20 centimeters tall. Then, they thin out these plants. In most cases, harvesting begins after four months. The jute plants are often harvested after they start to have flowers. Their stalks are sliced and tied into bundles. Then, these plants are soaked in water for almost 20 days. Through this process, the tissues of jute plants will soften and that allows the fiber to separate. Then, these fibers are stripped from the stalks and washed in a running and clear water. Afterwards, they are spread on and hung up on thatched roofs to dry. After two to three days, these fibers are tied into bundles.

Making Money through Jute Farming

If you know how to grow jute, it would be easy for you to produce more fibers needed for manufacturing bags and other essential items. After harvesting more jute plants, you have to use your create skills. You can make bags for commercial purposes. You can sell them and that is the start of your business jute products. With your knowledge about jute farming, you can also organize a seminar that can help other people have their own livelihood.

Benefits of Using Jute Fiber for Making Bags and Other Items

As compared to other materials, these jute plants are eco-friendly. They also range in various styles, types and designs that will fit the needs of all people. So, if you don’t know how to grow jute plants, this is your chance to explore.

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