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If you’re hiring your first employee you should be feeling very pleased with yourself. Being able to hire some help is a clear sign that your business is moving in the right direction. It is now important that you get prepared. As a first time employer you might be feeling slightly anxious, and rightly so. You have a lot of paperwork ahead of you and some health and safety red tape to break through. That’s not all; there are plenty of other jobs that you may not have fully considered yet.


Paperwork Aside, What Else Do You Need to Do?

Once you have filled in all the tax forms and registered with PAYE you may think the hard work has been completed. That’s partly true, well done for completing the boring side of becoming an employer, now you have a few fun things to get out of the way too.

The first thing is to set up a suitable work station for your first team member. You might need to move to new offices too, but assuming you’re already in the right premises you only need to focus on designing and setting up their work area. As an employer you have a duty to ensure the workstation will not put the worker at risk. Therefore you’ll need to provide:

  • Adequate room to work and move freely
  • A suitable ergonomic desk and chair that can be fully adjusted to suit the height and shape of the employee
  • Suitable lighting
  • Positioning the desk to avoid glare is a must to protect the worker’s eyes
  • Equipment such as a computer, telephone and access to all the other equipment in the office
  • Somewhere for the worker to make drinks and prepare lunch as well as a suitable place to eat away from the desk

These are some of the most important factors to consider when setting up the work space. Design it as if you were going to use it and ensure it’s in a suitable position in the office. If you have an open plan space consider providing a divider for some privacy between you and your employer as they can be useful for improving productivity and avoiding distraction.

Setting up Accounts

Your employee is going to need their own business email and possibly their own direct line. Set up the email account before they arrive so it’s ready to use from day one. If you only have one direct line into the office and don’t have many calls to deal with the one landline may suffice. If the phone is more integral to the business consider switching to VoIP services.

Suitable Supplies

You’ll also need to ensure you have a decent amount of supplies for the two of you to use. While you may not take notes your employee might work better with a notepad and pen so ensure you have a supply they can use if needs be. Stock up on some stationary and get some emergency ink cartridges and extra paper too. Remember the work load is going to increase and therefore you’ll need the office supplies to match the demand.

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