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Whether you routinely fly the circumference of the Earth or you’re a bird of the non-migratory variety, you can find a rewards card that fits with your travel inclinations. We’ve come up with the four best cards to get the job done.

1. The Frequent Flier > Ostensibly lives in airports Card: The American Express Business Platinum Card

The System: Earn one point per dollar on all purchases and two points per dollar spent with American Express’ own rewards booking service. You get 60,000 points advanced to your account for signing up, which you can transfer to frequent flyer programs – and once you earn 400,000 more, American Express will treat your employees to a spa treatment.

The Perks: This card is worth its weight in, well, platinum, considering the array of luxury travel rewards it offers, like private flights (500,000 points) and seven-night resort packages (1 million points). And with an annual fee of $ 450, it had better be. Frequent and international travelers will appreciate unlimited access to Priority Pass airport lounges, waived foreign transaction fees and expedited customs clearance at most major airports.

2. The Perpetual Pilgrim > Travels 6 – 10 times per year Card: The American Express Business Gold Rewards Card

The System: Earn three points per dollar spent on airfare, two points per dollar spent on business expenses and one point per dollar on all other expenses. The $ 175 annual fee is waived the first year.

The Perks: Although it isn’t specifically a travel card, you can still redeem points with 21 airlines and hundreds of hotels. The card also provides insurance for rental cars and baggage.

3. The Intermittent Itinerant > Travels 2 – 6 times per year Card: The Capital One Venture Rewards Card

The System: Earn two miles for every dollar spent. The annual fee is $ 59, waived the first year, and the APR ranges between 13.9% and 20.9%.

The Perks: Receive a one-time bonus of 10,000 miles when you spend $ 1,000 during the first three months. When redeeming miles for airfare or a hotel room, add two zeros to the end of the price and that’s how many miles you’ll need to cover the cost – a $ 200 plane ticket would require 20,000 miles, for example. This card doesn’t dictate where or how you purchase travel.

4. The Sporadic Sojourner > Travels 1 – 2 times per year Card: The Chase Ink Bold Business Card

The System: Earn five points per dollar on business expenses, like your Internet bill and office supplies, but only on the first $ 50,000 spent, and two points per dollar on hotel and gas expenses. There are no blackout dates. Since it’s a charge card and not a credit card, there’s no interest rate because you won’t be carrying a balance. The annual $ 95 fee is waived the first year.

The Perks: The card offers perks like airport lounge access, concierge service, free cards for your employees (to help earn rewards) and 20% off travel costs when you redeem points through Chase’s booking program. Earning points on business-related expenses in addition to hotels and gas will stretch your rewards, since you’re not traveling frequently.

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