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If you think you’re ready to take on the responsibility of becoming a homeowner, there are certain things you should know when filling out your home loan application (How different loans affect your mortgage worthiness). Here are six factors that can affect your ability to own your own home. Credit is given to consumers in two forms: secured and unsecured. If you are unable to pay your home loan debt,  [ Read More ]

As the owner of a taxi firm overseeing your drivers on the roads every day, you’ll understand it is essential to have taxi insurance and even more important for you to get a good deal and save money on your insurance policy. Fleet insurance is your answer if you run and fleet of two or more vehicles, ensuring that all taxis registered to the business are covered under a single  [ Read More ]

Stop avoiding your finance!

What can you feel when you think about managing your finance? Most people say that they are just scaring. However it is not so hard to become a financial expert, if you know the clue. At first you just need a desire to discover some professional advice. If all your salary is spent and you cannot even understand how it has disappeared, you need to make some budget and try  [ Read More ]

For many SMBs, trying to expand their potential customer base is a major concern. What started off as admirable ambition can quickly have disastrous consequences, though, as around half of startups cease operating within the first couple of years. This is why new businesses should focus their marketing efforts on their existing customer basis initially. This is commonly referred to as retention marketing. Retention marketing deals with focusing your efforts  [ Read More ]

People are always looking for ways on how to save money on air travel. This is especially true about travellers with tight budgets who use any chance to pay less. We’ve all heard about discounted airfares even on business class flights, that allow availing all advantages of premium class flights without paying too much. But is it possible to get discounted tickets on the last minute business class flights? The  [ Read More ]

If your financial matter is presently at sixes and sevens due to mounting debt pressure, a good way out of the mess is to opt for debt consolidation. You must remember that debt consolidation applies to only unsecured debts. Secured obligations like car loans or home equity loans are taken out against physical assets. The lenders are entitled to fortify these assets in the event of loan default or bankruptcy.  [ Read More ]

It’s no secret that there are a lot of courier businesses out there already, but with internet shopping the norm, there is plenty of work to go around, and carving out your own little niche can be a great business. You’ll be your own boss, and can work very flexible hours; as much or as little as you like. It can be hard to know exactly how to get started  [ Read More ]

Mobile catering businesses are popping up all over the UK at the moment, with many capitalising on the notion that the basic necessity for us to eat means there will never be a gap in the food markets. Of course along with this, to create a successful mobile catering enterprise, you’ll need to have a solid understanding of the industry, the regulations and most importantly the production of quality food  [ Read More ]

There’s something special about classic cars; from the different designs that often reflect the evolution of style over the decades, to the astonishing, gutsy horsepower you can get from particular sports vehicles of the past, to the historical sounds and smells of ever changing engines. Even the most indifferent, anti-motoring folk will raise an eyebrow of recognition at these incredible specimens of engineering and on top of this, classic and  [ Read More ]

Each year, thousands of people sign up to complete Master of Business Administration (MBA) courses. These programs do require an investment of time, effort and money, but they can prove to be hugely beneficial for individuals’ career prospects. After all, the employment market remains highly competitive and if people are to be in with a chance of landing the best jobs, they need to stand out from the crowd. If  [ Read More ]

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