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It’s known that employee morale can really affect productivity. Therefore, it’s important to boost morale in order to reap the benefits. Employees work better, and they’re less likely to badmouth the company when they talk to friends and family. But you can also enact measures to boost company morale that helps your business in other ways too. Prioritize Lone Worker Safety Taking the issue of lone worker safety is an  [ Read More ]

As the owner of a taxi firm overseeing your drivers on the roads every day, you’ll understand it is essential to have taxi insurance and even more important for you to get a good deal and save money on your insurance policy. Fleet insurance is your answer if you run and fleet of two or more vehicles, ensuring that all taxis registered to the business are covered under a single  [ Read More ]

The National Fire Protection Association reports that in 2012, fires caused a total of 12.4 billion dollars in property damage throughout the United States. You may think that kind of tragic and profit-harming situation won’t happen to you, but it’s impossible to be sure. Why take the risk? Think smarter and follow the tips below to prepare your business and employees for potential fires. Hire a Fire Consultant Check to  [ Read More ]

Winter is well and truly upon us. Along with the padded jackets and thick woollen socks comes the need for landlords to weather-proof their rental properties. By insulating windows, fixing a leaking roof and replacing an old boiler, you’re ready for whatever the winter throws at you. This will not only protect your investment, it also gives your tenants a reason to stay. Responsibilities In England, repairing the property isn’t  [ Read More ]

As a taxi driver, you will be all too aware of the risks you face on a daily basis at work.  Therefore, making sure you have the right taxi insurance to protect yourself and your business is extremely important. The law states that every vehicle that is used for hire and reward must have adequate and appropriate taxi insurance as defined by the Road Traffic Act 1988. So even if  [ Read More ]

It’s not always easy to adjust to the unique laws and customs of a new country. This is precisely why emigrating to one is such a massive achievement. It isn’t easy to uproot your entire way of life and start again somewhere new – there is no doubt about that. However, it is important that you adjust quickly. When it comes to starting a new life in Asia, things probably aren’t  [ Read More ]

Whether your company is a new digital start-up or a large conglomerate, every business could benefit financially from owning a van or two. At first, the reasons might not be obvious. Of course, if you’re a white-van-man, van ownership is part and parcel with your role, but elsewhere, it might be more difficult to see why owning a van has the potential to make your company more profitable. If that  [ Read More ]

Successful companies need effective and committed staff that realise the importance of co-ordinated and efficient teamwork. Few companies have surplus staff; it pays to be lean but lean is a problem if there are significant periods when one or more members of staff are not at work. Sometimes there is nothing that can be done about sickness but there are services available in today’s world that can at least recognise  [ Read More ]

Young people are still inexperienced in thousands of life situations that can occur at any minute. However, it’s very nice, when they think positively of their future plans or so, because optimistic attitude is the best way to succeed. Surely, life brings up different situations, where you get disappointed and lose your hope on anything you wished to have before. Whatever it is, though, people should be always prepared in  [ Read More ]

Funeral Burial Insurance

If you are looking to secure the future of your family in the event you die suddenly, you probably have purchased life insurance. In addition to life insurance, you should also invest in funeral burial insurance. This insurance will cover the costs of your funeral, grave plot and burial. May people will purchase these policies in addition to life insurance but some may choose to purchase this policy instead of  [ Read More ]

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