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Over the past decade, one can witness an overwhelming rise in the number of freelance professionals. Internet buzz, traffic jam and above all, eagerness to earn extra have fomented the growth of freelancing workers. Different types of freelancing services like content writing, teaching, accounting, designing, development, affiliate marketing, data entry jobs and many more are available on internet. Many people have taken up freelancing as their full-time profession and are  [ Read More ]

Anyone interested in buying a new car needs to decide whether they want to pay cash for the vehicle or agree to finance the cost of the car over a period of time. Similarly, if you are buying auto insurance for your car, you have to decide whether you should make one payment for the entire year, or make arrangements to pay monthly installments over the course of the year.  [ Read More ]

The lifelong dream of every person is to create their own wealth and work for themselves. It makes sense, I mean who wants to work their entire life building somebody else’s dream? That is why people start their own business, this way they have the control and have the ability to work their own hours. People get so caught up starting their own business that they forget one of the  [ Read More ]

Start-up businesses can either fail or flourish and the majority of the outcome depends on what has been done in the early stages to ensure the best possibility of success. From eking out your available finance, instead of spending it all in one go on unnecessary equipment and advertising, to being wise about what insurance policies you invest in to cover your new journey, any fledgling business owner needs to  [ Read More ]

Thanks in part to the internet, new businesses and niches are springing up everywhere. That vast, twenty-four hour advertising platform called the net has become a platform for everything, from orders, to sales to in many cases, the entire business itself. We must not forget however, that while the web has done its part to streamline many successful modern businesses, there is still the physical work to attend to and  [ Read More ]

When you have your affairs in order, spending enjoyable time with your family is the highlight of your day.  Making sure that the contents of your home are protected from damage, theft, or fraud can give you peace of mind and a positive outlook on all the activities that surround spending time with family and friends.  You should partner with a reliable company so that you can get the best  [ Read More ]

Cost cutting has become the new mantra for many small businesses. However, how effective are some strategies? You would be surprised at the amount of savings that can made in the most unlikely of parts of the business. Here are three indispensable tips.     1. Saving On With Suppliers Compared with winning or retaining new business, saving money on the supply end is often downgraded or neglected. This side  [ Read More ]

Hurricane Sandy destroyed homes and businesses overnight. Even half a year later, insurance agents are rejecting thousands of business claims. In 2005, Hurricane Katrina did similar damage to local businesses. One year later, ABC News reported 18 percent of businesses were still completely destroyed. Whether a natural disaster has swept through your office or factory and stopped production, or some unforeseen expense has put you in the red, a certain  [ Read More ]

One of the newest forms of both legal legislation and the insurance industry, personal injury law has enjoyed around eight years of success as a means of protection individuals from employer negligence, factory accidents, car accidents or other third-party related injuries where the injured were not at fault. It also forms a strict mandate of laws to ensure that individuals and employers not only have strict guidelines to follow but  [ Read More ]

Being aware of liability

Liability is a very big risk for most businesses, but it’s not one that’s often considered as a priority. Part of this is because adequate protection, at least from a financial standpoint, is available, whilst the other is from those who are often too innocent or naive to understand the potential risks involved. What is liability? Liability, to define it simply, is typically where you are held accountable for some  [ Read More ]

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