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With many lenders tightening the belt on borrowers and the cost of goods and services on the rise, many small business owners are finding themselves under a growing pile of debt. Although many businesses in this situation file for bankruptcy, there are other options businesses can try in order to dig their way out of debt and into financial freedom: Cut Unnecessary Costs In order to make headway in your  [ Read More ]

Whether you want to break into the food industry or expand your restaurant, starting a food truck business is definitely something you should consider. Initially, food truck businesses sold only simple fare, but nowadays there is much more variety. Here are 10 things you should know before you decide to start a food truck business. 1. Laws About Food Trucks The very first thing you should do is consider the  [ Read More ]

Worldwide Express

David R. Kiger, who built Worldwide Express from a small, startup company to a global logistics provider for small and mid-size companies throughout the world, was inducted into Worldwide Who’s Who . The organization provides an exclusive networking environment, and induction into the group is limited to those who have demonstrated leadership and achievement in their chosen industry or occupation. Worldwide Express David Kiger, CEO of Worldwide Express, founded the  [ Read More ]

The market for new recruitment agencies is not exactly buoyant but lucrative opportunities remain for experienced recruiters who want to go it alone. The number of new recruitment agencies fell in 2011, down on figures from previous years, according to statistics from the Office for National Statistics’ Business Demography report. But the economic climate is recovering, and many individuals are leaving their jobs in recruitment in order to be self-employed  [ Read More ]

Regardless of its size, a firm’s most important asset is its staff. Treat them well and the business benefits; treat them poorly and their loyalty and work ethic are detrimental to the organisation. Every business wants to hold on to its most valuable staff members – that much is obvious. However, employees leaving for pastures new is a reality most firms should be well prepared for. But for small business  [ Read More ]

Many businesses today are concerned about having a healthy workforce. Keeping workers healthy, through exercise and wellness incentive programs and other initiatives, keeps health care costs down and productivity up. Most workplace wellness programs focus on physical health. And while keeping employees healthy physically is certainly important, it’s equally as important to include mental health in the overall equation. When your workforce is mentally healthy, not only do they tend  [ Read More ]

While the world may be becoming increasingly digitalised, all businesses still rely on a great deal of printing to keep their day to day operations functioning. Whether it’s for marketing or for various other documents, printing is a necessity for any small business owner. As such, finding the right ink for your printing needs is paramount, and yet most business owners know little, if anything, about how to judge the  [ Read More ]

Establishing an excellent credit history is generally a topic of interest for consumers looking to borrow money in the future, but the same focus is as important for your business. If you only have a few examples of borrowing to demonstrate your business’s financial management, it may be difficult to secure the funds you need to improve and grow your business. If the situation continues, the outcome will not only  [ Read More ]

Whether it is your annual tax return, general bookkeeping or trying to work out how to pay your employees in the most effective fashion, working with the accounts of a small business can be a nightmare for those who are untrained in the practice. Hiring an accountant to take charge of everything can be expensive and bringing in a full-time member of staff to deal with the payroll will probably  [ Read More ]

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