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When you start a business you will probably need to spend several months working from home.  It can take a few years before you’re ready to invest in a commercial office space so you have to ensure the office is comfortable and suitable for full time work. It’s not an easy task setting up a suitable office but the following tips will help.

Add a new phone line by calling the bt customer services number

Invest In Decent Furniture

You will be spending a lot of time working in your office so you shouldn’t scrimp when it comes to buying furniture. You need to buy ergonomic pieces that are designed to reduce the risk of aches and strains that are caused by working at a desk.

Buy the best table and chair you can afford. The desk needs to have plenty of surface space so avoid computer desks that only have enough room for the monitor and the keyboard. If the space you have chosen to set up your office is small you would be wise to invest in a corner desk. They can help provide you with a lot more room without making the room feel cramped and overcrowded.

You Need Plenty of Storage

Working in a cluttered work place is distracting and depressing. Keep your desk clear and invest in storage furniture and boxes to reduce the amount of paper work and files you have lying around. It’s a good idea to buy a tall book case with adjustable shelving for your books and reference materials. Add some shelving for your stationary, CDs and DVDs, removable hard drives and any other items you may need to get hold of in a hurry. You must also have surface space for your printers, scanners, desk top fan and lighting.

Get the Lighting Right

Lighting deserves more attention as it is crucial to good office design. You need to have a bright and inviting work space. You will need task lighting for your desk and smaller lamps placed at lower levels to create a good working environment.

If you ignore the lighting in the office, you could end up with eye strain and headaches. Ensure you have no glare on your monitor and play around with the position of the lights until you find a set up that works best for you. In the winter or in rooms with little natural light the best solution is to use daylight light bulbs that generate natural light.

Technical Considerations

You will need to have plenty of plug sockets and you should also use anti-surge protection leads to protect your equipment.  You can reduce some of the leads in the room by investing in wireless printers and scanners but for all other leads try and keep them neat and tidy with cable ties. Wires and leads can cause health risks and as a self-employed person you do have to consider health and safety in your home office.

You might need to have a new phone line or internet connection installed in your office too. Invest in a dedicated business line so you can keep your business line free from day to day interruptions. Speak to the advisors at BT by calling the bt customer services number.

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