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Aug - 21 - 2013


Most of the time, the reason why customers decided to not buy a product or a service from you is because you demand them to pay with cash or transfer. There will be no problem if your customer bring their money with them in cash, but imagine that you are selling quite costly things like furniture or car or flight tickets or antiques, who will bring that much cash with them on their wallet?

And if you ask them to transfer the money, when they walk toward the ATM machine, they have lots of time to reconsider buying the product or the service they decided to purchase when they are still in your store. So, there is 50% chance they will not come back to your store with cash or transfer receipt to give to you. And just as easy as that, you lose customer.

Or, imagine that you are holding garage sale in front of your house and people who at first don’t want to come, come eventually. People who initially just jog around the neighborhood get interested with the thing that you sell there and they want to buy it but unfortunately, in their wallet, they only have their credit card. Because, you see, when people who had no intention to buy rarely will come with enough money on them when they attracted to your product. The easiest way is to accept their credit card. This is why a mobile credit card machine will be a great companion for you if you want to sell something.

For retail business, or a sudden business, you might need it because not only it’s easy to use and very practical, it’s also easy to get. Go to the bank and create your merchant account. Ask the customer service anything you want to know about the product and as you walked out the bank, you just have to focus on your business and let the machine help you with the payment.

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