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Jan - 3 - 2014

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The great thing about the world of business is that it is always changing and new options are constantly emerging. Energizing your business doesn’t have to be a difficult task but it will take commitment on your part. Whether you own a small business or are in charge of running a department in a large corporation, there are lots of simple ways that you can boost productivity and increase profits.


Success starts at the top. A good leader needs to be proactive rather than reactive, which means anticipating problems before they occur. Think about how you handle yourself in unexpected situations. Are you able to adjust and be flexible? The best leaders know how to listen, particularly to their staff. If someone is unhappy or has ideas about how the company could be more efficiently run, it is your duty to take them seriously and consider their suggestions. Enthusiasm is important because it is infectious. A leader who is excited about their job and their business will energise those working below them.


Happy and productive employees are rewarded for the part they play. If you recognise the commitment and achievements of your staff then they will be motivated to provide the very best labour. Simply saying ‘thank you’ to your staff and remembering their names can go a long way towards making them happier and more comfortable in an office or industry environment. Rewards should also extend to loyal customers so that they feel valued and don’t decide to shop anywhere else.

Increase Profits

Can you offer another product or service in line with what is already available? Make it easy for customers to research and find what they are after and you will see profits increase. Look honestly at your expenses and decide how you can avoid repeating past mistakes.

Spread the Word

If your potential client base doesn’t know about your business or what they offer, they won’t choose your product or service. An online presence is a particularly effective way of building your customer base, establishing brand recognition and creating brand loyalty. A social media presence is becoming increasingly important as consumers can retweet, share, like, pin, reblog and follow posts relating to your business. Making your products and services available to buy or simply to browse online is a sure-fire way of increasing profitability and making your company more accessible for potential customers. If you have company vehicles, consider branding them to create a moving advertisement. Choose a firm like Signarama to dress your corporate cars or vans.

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