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Facebook is one of the most popular stocks traded in the technology sector. The company is found on many of the top binary options trading platforms. The 4th quarter results were published at the end of January and saw extremely positive results. Mobile advertising revenues jumped 40% to around $1.59 Billion. Indeed, mobile revenues amounted to around 23% of the company's total advertising revenue. In the 3rd quarter, this percentage sat at just 13%.

The smartphone market has certainly provided opportunities for the likes of Facebook to attain higher revenues and diversify their offering. 2012 saw a jump in the percentage of handsets that are smartphone to 45%. This was up 8% compared to 2011. Facebook has done a fantastic job of integrating with mobile technology. But Facebook must find new ways to increase the business that they attain from the mobile market as this becomes a more and more crucial aspect of their business. Facebook has become so accessible on mobiles that less people are now using their desktop computers to browse the social networking platform.

Binary options brokers are spoilt by the amount of fluctuation that happens in the Facebook stock. The results from the 4th quarter of 2012 demonstrate how the experts can get it a little wrong. When the experts get it wrong, there is opportunity for high profit. binary options as trader price predictions enable them to beat the brokers.

It's not just the financial statements that binary options traders are able to make use of when partaking in Facebook trades. There is a constant wave of media attention, Facebook innovation, and expert opinion that influences the stock volatility. 2013 is a crucial year for Facebook to show its teeth and increase its ability to generate revenue. This is a stock that will certainly attract the interest of increasing numbers of binary option traders.

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