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With the advancements of technology, everyone is now capable of "watching" everything globally. From television, to radio, to newspapers - both online and offline - they all have an advantage or two over another. What better way can one find all of the latest financial information than an already summarized financial blog. A Financial blog can either be written by an individual or backed by major financial corporations. Financial blogs provides news, stock information, and opinions of the financial sectors, locally and worldwide. They generally are free giving a personal perspective.

“Financial blogs by corporations have an outlook as a more secure method of receiving information, but nonetheless, it's still alright to form your own opinions after reading what an individual blogger has to say” explains Ori Tal of Eso Equity.

Here are 5 financial blogs you should take a look at.

Money Saving Mom Crystal Paine has over 219,242 FaceBook likes and 100,436 Twitter followers, one can't help but wonder what type of advice and insights this money saving Stay-At-Home-Mother offers. Her credentials you may ask, to keep her family out of debt while her husband attended law school, she maintained a household budget of $35 with the help of couponing. She shared a few tips one day on an existing blog of hers, then the questions started pouring in. Today, she gives tips on saving money, couponing, various store deals, low budget recipes, time management, and freebies. Although you may not find the best stock to invest in, you will definitely find more dollars in your account by following some of the steps she encourages.

The Krazy Coupon Lady Founded by two Stay-At-Home-Mothers, Heather Wheeler and Joanie Demer, have over 894,000 FaceBook likes and 32,470 Twitter followers. They have appeared on the The Today Show, Fox and Friends, and TLC. They too offer great advice for those trying to get out of debt and save money. They even have a challenge, "10 Days to become a Krazy Coupon Lady". They give various financial deals including where to go for free financial planning, tips on making extra money, credit card offers, and of course, coupons.

Bloomberg One of the major players in bloggers is Bloomberg. They have a high network of followers from internet presence to television network. Bloomberg has high credentials in that they offer various analytical tools on various industries including government, new energy finance, and law. They assist you with finding standalone and integrated solutions for company growth. Some of their professional services include Asset Management, Education, Hedge funds, and Investment Banking. Bloomberg has a presence of over 192 locations and over 15,000 employees.

Seeking Alpha Seeking Alpha has over 63,000 links. This is a true have-it-all financial site. They have been recognized by Forbes and Kiplinger's Magazine. They have their targets on opinions and not news. Their articles are from investors as opposed to journalists. The articles they post and link to are hand selected. They have over 5,000 people contributing. Their site details from various portfolios, current market conditions, investing ideas, and dividends and income. Their daily news summary is the Wall Street Breakfast.

Real Time Economics This is the Wall Street Journal's blog of economics. This blog gives the summaries instead of links to more blogs and stories. Their coverages include education, student loans, banking and regulations, health care, and employment issues. Their articles are broken down for easy assessment as well, so this is not just for the managing brokers."

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