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It's not always easy to adjust to the unique laws and customs of a new country. This is precisely why emigrating to one is such a massive achievement. It isn't easy to uproot your entire way of life and start again somewhere new - there is no doubt about that. However, it is important that you adjust quickly. When it comes to starting a new life in Asia, things probably aren't quite as complex as you think.

If you are planning to emigrate to mainland Asia, or you have recently begun life as an expat in Asia - it is a good idea to take things slowly until you grow accustomed to your new life. A thing like learning to drive can be particularly daunting at first - there is a tremendous amount of congestion in this part of the world. The roads and highways in places like Hong Kong are actually some of the most congested on the planet.

When you are ready to tackle the highways, it's time to sort out your car insurance. Fortunately, this isn't all that difficult in Asia - it can be very expensive, though. According to expert Rory Boland, there are only two common types of insurance policy. The first is third party insurance, a legal requirement in Asia. You cannot drive a car, if you do not have a third party insurance policy.

A third party car insurance policy will cover you for third party injuries or third party deaths, in the event of a serious accident. In some cases, insurers will also throw in third party property damage for no extra charge, but this is not a standard requirement. The second type of insurance policy is comprehensive car insurance and this covers a driver for damage to their own car as well. When combined, these two insurance policies provide cover for injuries and vehicle damage.

However, this type of car insurance is completely optional in Asia. In fact, lots of industry experts actively discourage drivers from investing in this kind of cover, unless they own an expensive vehicle. In their view, it isn't really necessary for those who are driving a car that can be easily replaced if it is written off. If you own an expensive vehicle, or you live in a particularly dangerous part of Asia - it could be a good idea to consider comprehensive car insurance.

However, you must have third party car insurance if you want to become a legal driver in mainland Asia - this isn't a choice. Visit Direct Asia for more information and advice on getting a cheap car insurance quote. Unsurprisingly, young drivers can find it hard  to find affordable car insurance in this part of the world, says Money Smart expert Ryan Ong. Yet, this isn’t a situation unique to Asia. It is true that almost all nations choose to treat young drivers as a greater risk, even if they can prove that safety is one of their top priorities. Whilst this can be a very difficult issues for young drivers in Great Britain, it doesn’t have to be quite as tricky for under 25s in Asia.

You shouldn't forget that regions like Hong Kong and Singapore have extremely efficient public transport links, much better than the ones in Britain. They tend to be very cheap and extremely reliable, too. It could be a good idea to leave your car in the garage until you pass the twenty five year limit. Then, your insurance premium will inevitably get much cheaper.

Author Bio: Michael Lowell writes for a home and lifestyle magazine. For the very best deal on car insurance, he recommends Direct Asia. Michael can usually be found blogging insurance and motoring tips on his personal website.

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