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Expertly trained workers in the diverse fields required for properly and safely maintaining facilities in areas like AC HVAC, boilers, electrical, fluid power, and both plant and facility management are currently in great demand. Employers express the need for hands-on training and experience for current and future employees in these fields. Owners and managers say that test scores alone are not enough.

A new trend for getting past just test scores and into hands-on-training can be accomplished with in-house training from instructors who have years of experience in the areas they teach and who not only are experienced, but are outstanding educators as well.

Students derive many benefits with this type of training. It is focused and free of interruptions that too often occur when studying from books or independently. No phone calls; no people dropping in.

The ability to ask questions and also share experience and knowledge co-worker to co-worker is invaluable. And if someone did not get something the instructor is on hand to help.

The camaraderie within the training group strengthens bonds and lessens boredom. Another benefit to in-house training comes from no need to travel to a separate location: just come to work and begin training. offers unaffiliated and non-commercial training courses in a complete range of facility and plant management. It's a no frills, no unnecessary marketing concept that includes a money-back guarantee of satisfaction. Both workers and management love this concept.

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