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No matter whether your organisation operates in the public or private sector, it’s important to create a consistent impression of your brand. Even if your company offers the best-quality goods at the most competitive prices within your chosen industry, this will be of little value if it turns out your target audience is unable to distinguish you from your competitors.

In fact, failing to devote enough time and resources towards cultivating your brand means that people are likely to lose sight of what it is that makes your organisation special. A well-developed brand ought to give a company's target audience the impression that the business is a high-quality, professional organisation they can trust and are encouraged to interact with for many years to come. Establishing consistent branding is something that can be achieved regardless of the size of your business or your financial resources. Read on to find out more.

Define your business' aims

Although you might think this is fairly obvious - and, to be honest, it is - you need to think carefully about what your organisation does and what you wish to achieve. No matter what sector you're in, you are bound to want to be seen as a leader in your field, but how do you convey that message using your brand?

From a clear set of aims, you should be able to come up with a strapline that clearly and concisely sums up what it is that you do. Most people tend to remember simple messages that are easy to read, so, if possible, your logo ought to be as short as possible (and catchy).

Select a colour scheme

Another key aspect to creating a powerful company brand is your choice of colours. Whether used in your logo or the uniform that members of staff wear, this can ensure a consistent look that creates a unified image to clients and members of the public, and also establishes a sense of togetherness among workers.

When coming up with a colour scheme, it's best using a limited number of shades - Coca-Cola, for example, is famous for its use of red and white - so people are able to easily associate them with your organisation. If you use a wide mix of colours with no real consistency, it could dilute your brand and your strapline.

Hand out gifts

Another good way to establish an attractive company brand is through the distribution of free gifts. As virtually everybody enjoys receiving something for nothing, handing out promotional gifts provides a great chance to generate a buzz about your brand, and recipients are almost certain to hold a greater level of esteem for your organisation.

Whether you choose to hand out engraved pens or mugs, it is imperative that the branding reflects that of the wider organisation. This means the branding ought to contain the same colour(s) as your company logo, and you should ensure that marketing information such as a slogan and contact details are consistent with other marketing channels. You could choose to use products that consumers can readily associate with your brand – for example, mugs for a chain of coffee shops or cotton shopping bags for a retailer.

What steps are you taking to create a consistent brand for your company? Leave a comment and tell us about it.

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