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Successful companies need effective and committed staff that realise the importance of co-ordinated and efficient teamwork. Few companies have surplus staff; it pays to be lean but lean is a problem if there are significant periods when one or more members of staff are not at work. Sometimes there is nothing that can be done about sickness but there are services available in today’s world that can at least recognise the importance of human resources and put contingency plans in place.


Employee Assistance Programmes (EAP) looks at things such as stress which can result in absenteeism. There are fairly frightening statistics of the numbers of people who succumb to pressure at work. A study done recently in the UK suggests that as many as a third of absences at work are due to stress and pressure, if local GPs throughout the country are to be believed. That is extremely costly both to the individual business and to the economy as a whole.

The annual bill for absenteeism is estimated to be £15bn and the survey analysed 60,000 fit notes which were introduced to replace the traditional sick note in the hope of improving the situation. As of the beginning of this year it doesn’t seem to have worked.

Company programmes

It highlights the need to have programmes in place to help employees and thereby reduce the days they may be missing from work. The issues may be personal, health related or a problem with a partner or within the family. Whatever the problem it is important to work towards a solution.

The key is understanding, not confrontation, if employer and employee are both to benefit. There is extensive employment law in the UK but that does not immediately solve the problem of a workforce that is unable to operate as effectively as it might like.

The services available come from people experienced in the field of human resources and include counselling to identify problems and hopefully reach satisfactory solutions. It is a positive approach which is intent on discussion rather than confrontation and potential litigation.

Internet search

If you are wondering where to find a service company in the human resources field the Internet is an excellent place to start. You will hopefully find through your search a company that can demonstrate to you its understanding of human resources and provides a service that covers the whole spectrum of employer employee relationships.

If you need medical or nursing help for example that should be part of the service which is intent on helping solve what seems to be a national problem if the £15bn figure is to be believed. You may not have any such problems but by reading this you may understand for the first time the extent of the problem nationally.

At Health Assured you will be welcome to discuss your business and see what can be done within the human resources sector to improve performance. It will cost you nothing to get in touch after reading the website pages with questions that the text has provoked. Why not do it today if you feel you would like to know more?

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