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As the owner of a taxi firm overseeing your drivers on the roads every day, you’ll understand it is essential to have taxi insurance and even more important for you to get a good deal and save money on your insurance policy.

Fleet insurance is your answer if you run and fleet of two or more vehicles, ensuring that all taxis registered to the business are covered under a single insurance policy as opposed to the hassle of having individual cover for each vehicle. Of course there are savings to be had with fleet insurance and the practicality means less documentation for you to worry about too.

As with any general taxi insurance policy, there are three standard types of fleet insurance that are important to consider for your level of cover:

  • Fully comprehensive – The most expensive option but the most will also be covered including any damage to your vehicles and injury to yourself or other staff.
  • Third party fire and theft – Provides cover if any of your vehicles are stolen or damaged by fire.
  • Third party only – The cheapest option and the lowest level of cover required by law which just covers incidents involving others, not you, your drivers or their taxis.

Whichever level of fleet cover you choose, it is always a quick and easy process to add any new taxi drivers or new vehicles to your fleet policy at any time and you have the option of combining different types of vehicles (cars, vans and lorries) all on the same policy.

The flexibility of fleet insurance is another benefit for those of you who run taxi firms. You can have specified drivers just covered to drive specified vehicles with a Named Driver policy, but for bigger teams an Any Driver policy is the better option as this allows anyone within the business to drive any vehicle, subject to age restrictions.

It’s important to note, however, that if you do take out a Named Driver policy, make it known to your insurance provider if these drivers have a good, clean driving history as this can reduce the amount you pay for your premiums.

InsureFleet offer a wide range of additional benefits to go with your fleet insurance policy such as introductory discounts and replacement vehicles. If you’re thinking about switching to fleet insurance, visit our website today for more details and expert advice.

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