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Air conditioning is so important; especially when the temperature goes above 80; however, there are times when an air conditioner shows signs that it is wearing out. One of the most telling signs that an air conditioner is going is when it fails to keep your home cool. When this happens the compressor could be dying. Another sign that you’re AC is going is if only the fan comes on but not the compressor. Still another sign that your AC is about to quit is if your AC runs for a long time and does not produce cold air.

In addition, another sign that your AC is going is if the unit is very noisy and makes buzzing or clanking noises. Normally, AC units make a low humming noise; so when you hear different noises, something could be going wrong with the unit. Still another sign that your AC is going is if you get high energy bill. If your utility bill is unusually high, the compressor could be malfunctioning. Additional signs that your AC is on the blink are: your home feels more humid than usual, your furnace is over 15 years old and you have had to make several repairs on your furnace in the last couple of years. If problems persist with you air conditioner, you may want to consider buying a new air conditioning unit.

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