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The use of the Internet cloud has witnessed an upsurge over the last few years, but there are questions about its staying power and future viability.

Some people view the internet’s cloud as a good option that will not withstand challenges, resulting in its evaporation. However, the majority expect cloud-based internet services to continue growing with even more uses. Studies have been conducted across the world on how future innovations will affect the activities of internet service providers.

Keep it Reliable, Always

Today, the major challenge of internet providers is maintaining reliable and high quality service for users, while also staying profitable. As customers become more sophisticated and competition increases, it is expected that for a company to avoid closing its doors, they must evolve and manage influencing factors. For example, the pioneer internet companies did not have a prior business plan they could use in which to base their services and hence they borrowed from other existing businesses such as telephones. Today, internet service providers are facing an overwhelming task of defining their own relevance and future to a highly sophisticated user with sophisticated technologies. As a result, internet providers classify innovation and creativity as an added advantage.

Internet service providers will also experience declining markets and increased competition. As the market connectivity continues to grow, the potential market reduces. Once internet connectivity gets 70 percent, provider companies will start to fight amongst themselves for customers. New providers will continue to emerge, increasing competition in an already crowded market.

Bundle Those Models Up

The other challenge internet service providers will face is the convergence and adoption of new models. The future of stand-alone internet providers has some growing pains. Companies are expected to embrace new products and services to increase profitability. Furthermore, consumers will not be willing to buy different products from different providers. A trend continues to grow where consumers are opting for a single provider to offer all home-based services. For example, Comcast offers internet, phone and television among other services to its customers.


The other challenge internet service providers must address is about the privacy and security of data, as well as the illegal sharing and consumption of content and applications. Companies must also address the security risks associated with internet cloud computing – encryption is not enough. Look for Norton security suite access and gratis, password protection on everything, identity guard and secure backups.

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