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Over the past decade, one can witness an overwhelming rise in the number of freelance professionals. Internet buzz, traffic jam and above all, eagerness to earn extra have fomented the growth of freelancing workers. Different types of freelancing services like content writing, teaching, accounting, designing, development, affiliate marketing, data entry jobs and many more are available on internet. Many people have taken up freelancing as their full-time profession and are earning much more than what they could get as a regular employee.

In spite of having multiple advantages of freelancing, you will never be guaranteed of two things – safety and health insurance. If you have a team of freelancers, a single product can protect you along with your staffs from unforeseen and unfortunate events. In finance jargon, this product is called as freelance insurance.

In some countries, it is mandatory for the employees of a registered organization to be covered under an insurance scheme. Unfortunately, such law is not extended to the contract workers. If you are associated with an organization on contractual terms, the company’s health insurance policy for its employees won’t provide you with any coverage. The same rule holds true if a team of professionals is working under you on contract basis

Securing Health Insurance as a Freelancer

You will not find many who have purchased a freelance safety and health insurance product. This is simply because most of them are not aware of such scheme. Those who have heard about it labor under a wrong notion that such insurance is very expensive and so beyond the reach of many of them.

However, there are several insurance companies in the market and many of them offer insurance for the freelancers. It might require you to do some search on the internet or travel a little bit to find out the companies that provide good coverage for you and your contracted labors at a moderate premium.

As many companies claim about their quality service and reasonable price, you should carefully go through the available insurance schemes, coverage provided, rules and regulations along with pricing policy before striking a deal. Always weigh on the benefits that you are likely to receive and price you have to pay for it. It is important for you to opt for a policy that covers health of your contracted employees and doesn’t put strain on your pocket.

Indemnity Insurance for the Freelancers

Indemnity insurance is an important aspect of freelance insurance coverage. It saves the insured persons from legal liability of having to pay for the loss of clients or customers that might have been caused due to their negligence or poor quality of work. The risk covered under indemnity insurance for the freelancers depends on the type of work a freelance worker in question is associated with.

Insurance is a must for every worker, whether he is working within his comfort zone of home or a regular employee with an organization. Such insurance provides the freelance workers with financial coverage against the unexpected happenings such as claim for damages or wrong advice.

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