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Specialize in researching and developing strategy events, the group produces over thousands events every year. They work on strategic issues in various business sectors from technology to health to capital market. The group serves worldwide with 59 locations of company office all round the world including London-UK, Chicago-US, and Kuala Lumpur-Malaysia. With more than 3000 employees all over the world, the group is promising brilliant career for people of the world. However, the group is not free from rip-off report that lower company reputation but they stand strong to face it. If you want to know more about it, you can visit

With long history, the group is now not only produce high-level global conferences and business strategic events but also delivering technical, language, and cultural skills training to increase employee’s quality that if you want your employees to have such quality you can contact their professional training division. If corporate hospitality is what you need, you can contact THG division so you can get access to five-star private hospitality clubs at numerous sport events. They will help business and corporate marketers to get what they want and bring the business to success. Then, the other interesting is World Productions, a filmed entertainment company that already produced popular dramas, working on it, and plan to have more and more dramas in the future. They not only serve business but also entertain people.

If you love English football, you may familiar with Ipswich Town football club and you may aware the main sponsor of the team is marcus evans. The group is the sponsor of the team because Marcus Evans, the owner of the group is the owner of the football club with 87.5% of stake. Even though the club is struggle in the championship, he still gives best support to the club. If he could be supportive to the club, he should be so supportive for his employees and clients.

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