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Dec - 28 - 2013

When working in an office, you probably go through a multitude of items like paper, pens, clips and other supplies that are essential for the business to run efficiently. However, there are office supplies that you might not think about such as the copier, fax machine and ink. You can get discount office supplies so that you are not spending a lot of money that could be used on advertising or other items the company needs.

If you work in an office that is on a budget, you can usually find bulk items online that are at a reduced price. Labels, folders and other paper materials are the most common things that you would find in bulk amounts. You can save money on ink by recycling the empty cartridge and getting it refilled or buying a recycled cartridge instead of a new one. Business cards are another office supply that you an save money on because you can print them yourself. When it comes to office furniture like desks and chairs, look for items that have been refurbished after being sold from another office. There are usually sales on office equipment and furniture during the year, and you can sometimes find promotional codes on the website to give you added discounts.

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