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There are many professions that involve working abroad. They include those involved in the oil industry, in things like construction and many executive positions that involve someone from the parent company going to one of the subsidiaries abroad for a term.

Different scenarios

There are different circumstances in these different roles. Executives are likely to be sent for a fixed term that will involve the family moving as well. In this case there are many details that need to be addressed for the move. While there are few problems of schooling, accommodation and health in the UK, all these things need examination before a family can begin to think about moving.

When it comes to the oil industry many contracts for rig work involve a stint on the rig followed by a return to home for a similar period. That will involve only the actual worker being abroad but it is no less important that insurance is in place during the time abroad.

Traveling abroad; expat medical insurance can cover many issues – Singapore Changi Airport

In the construction industry workers may well be based in remote areas of developing countries where some of the things that are taken for granted at home simply do not exist.

A real priority

Health insurance is essential for everyone in these jobs and others. While there may be some rights to medical treatment from the present country of residence in many cases that is insufficient and extra cover is important. In terms of expat medical insurance there are independent brokers that can advise and implement whatever is needed.

The insurance will provide the best that a country can offer and even treatment back in the UK if that is practical. Even if the worker is still a UK resident their existing cover within the UK will not be valid overseas.

A policy can be tailor made

Brokers who can offer this specialist policy will listen to individual circumstances and devise a policy to suit. There will be no question of the quality of medical treatment for executives based in many modern cities such as New York or San Francisco. The essential thing is that it provides complete cover because US health costs are high.

Someone in a remote part where treatment for certain condition is not available may require to be transported at a location where treatment can be administered or that could even involve returning to the UK.

The beauty of an expert independent broker is that whatever is required can be put in place and brokers are under the supervision of the Financial Services Authority (FSA) if UK based.

Health is just one issue; life cover and loss of earnings are closely associated. A healthy work force is important for productivity whether for the individual or a member of the family. Accidents do happen and ignoring the need for comprehensive cover is sheer stupidity.

There is nothing lost in preparing for an overseas assignment in making contact and seeing what is on offer.  There may be things that have not even been considered; it is best to find out everything.

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