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  • 6 ways to get your home loan approved 6 ways to get your home loan approved

    If you think you’re ready to take on the responsibility of becoming a homeowner, there are certain things you should know when filling out your home loan application (How different loans affect your mortgage worthiness). Here are six factors that can affect your ability to own your own home. Credit is ...

  • Importance of fleet insurance Importance of fleet insurance

    As the owner of a taxi firm overseeing your drivers on the roads every day, you’ll understand it is essential to have taxi insurance and even more important for you to get a good deal and save money on your insurance policy. Fleet insurance is your answer if you run and ...

  • Stop avoiding your finance! Stop avoiding your finance!

    What can you feel when you think about managing your finance? Most people say that they are just scaring. However it is not so hard to become a financial expert, if you know the clue. At first you just need a desire to discover some professional advice. If all your salary ...

  • Why SMBs Should Focus Their Marketing Strategies Why SMBs Should Focus Their Marketing Strategies

    For many SMBs, trying to expand their potential customer base is a major concern. What started off as admirable ambition can quickly have disastrous consequences, though, as around half of startups cease operating within the first couple of years. This is why new businesses should focus their marketing efforts on ...

Whether you want to break into the food industry or expand your restaurant, starting a food truck business is definitely something you should consider. Initially, food truck businesses sold only simple fare, but nowadays there is much more variety. Here are 10 things you should know before you decide to start a food truck business. 1. Laws About Food Trucks The very first thing you should do is consider the  [ Read More ]

There are few things more annoying than receiving unsolicited text messages on your mobile phone and phone calls to either your mobile or home telephone number. A lot of the time you will wonder where the person calling or texting got the number from, but you may be surprised to learn that sometimes they may have actually got it from you! Giving them the phone number yourself Letting organisations have  [ Read More ]

There’s no getting away from the fact that the commercial world is more competitive today than ever before. As well as offering great products or services at affordable prices, the multitude of ways to market your business that are available to all means that every small potential advantage needs to be taken into account in order to be successful. Whether your trade is done on a face-to-face basis with customers  [ Read More ]

Installing a burglar alarm is a simple way to feel safer in your home but is it enough to prevent a break-in? The financial cost of burglary in South Africa is rising. In order to safeguard your personal finances and keep your possessions safer, follow these eight key tips for household security. Don’t lose money or possessions – keep safe within your home. Locks and Safes 1. Fit proper locks  [ Read More ]

The National Fire Protection Association reports that in 2012, fires caused a total of 12.4 billion dollars in property damage throughout the United States. You may think that kind of tragic and profit-harming situation won’t happen to you, but it’s impossible to be sure. Why take the risk? Think smarter and follow the tips below to prepare your business and employees for potential fires. Hire a Fire Consultant Check to  [ Read More ]

There are many tales of great partnerships. In London, for example, the Underground is a shining example of what partnerships can do. Unfortunately, not all partnerships are made to last. Disputes and disagreements can sour relationships and lead to a separation. While leaving a partnership can become a savvy business move in the end, navigating the split can be quite taxing. Just like in a divorce, there are a lot  [ Read More ]

Travelling on home turf is one thing, but business practice outside of your native country can be very different. When planning to travel abroad for business, it is important to do thorough research on the culture and customs of your destination. In order to present your company in the best light, it is vital to demonstrate knowledge of and sensitivity to the new environment you are entering. Read on for  [ Read More ]

The recipe for fine dining

Recent years have seen an explosion in the popularity of fine dining in the UK, with world-class restaurants opening up everywhere from Devon to Birmingham. As a result, many businesses are incorporating fine dining events into their marketing strategies, hoping to get to the hearts of potential customers and clients through their stomachs. So if you are planning a foodie event of your own, what ingredients do you need for  [ Read More ]

As you begin to think about starting your own company, there are some questions you should pose to professionals who stand ready to help you.  Besides thinking about your own abilities and talents you should enquire about the assistance that is available to you and how it can best suit your needs.  Let’s take a look at some of the queries you should voice when working with a team of  [ Read More ]

The assistance of a forensic accountant may be vital in the investigation any potential fraud, professional negligence, or misconduct involving your organisation as these circumstances can severely damage your business. Whether you suspect fraud within your organisation or you are seeking a team of experts to value the business or your assets, a forensic accountant will be able to help you. How Can a Forensic Accountant Help You? You may  [ Read More ]

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