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There are more women business owners today than at any other point in history.  This means that there is more demand for business loans for women that there has ever been before.  Unfortunately, though not officially the case, it can be harder for women to get a loan to start a business, or even for an existing business, than it is for a man.  Women are still paid less than men, and women still have a harder time getting a loan for their business.  Such is the way of the world.  There are, however, some basic standards that should be followed all the more by women simply because they still have the mark of womanhood against them in the female word.

One thing women have going that can either help or hurt them is their feelings.  Women are naturally more emotional beings, and they cannot help but relate to their businesses in a more emotional way.  Mrs. Fields said it well:

“You know, Mrs. Fields was never a business. It was a part of me…and I never separated, oh, well, business from personal because to me they all blended together.” – Debbi Fields

The key is to balance that emotion when trying to get a loan, tipping the scales in such a way that ensures that emotion works for you, and not against.  No lender wants a blubbering housewife sobbing across from them about how they just want to see if they can make their dreams come true, not matter how true a picture this paints.

Show Your Passion but Practice Restraint

While the blubbering housewife routine, whether or not you are a housewife, will get you nowhere, that passion will.  There is no sense trying to act nonchalant.  It is possible to be both professional and passionate, and lenders need to see that, especially from women.  They need to see you believe in your business, but that at the same time you know how to control your emotion.  Be animated, but do not run around the office.  Talk in an excited manner, but do not knock them over with your hand motions.  Watch volume, as women tend to get loud when they get excited.  Present a creative, eye pleasing business plan, but leave the glitter and zebra stripes at home.  This is not a fashion show either.  Professionalism in dress is just as important.  These rules apply generally regardless of whether the lender is a man or a woman.

Offer a Plan for Balance

Though both men and women handle children and household duties these days, the world still sees these as the woman's job.  Therefore, if family is an issue, a well thought out plan for balance needs to be in place.  It may not need to be a part art of the official, written plan, but the questions are sure to come up.  Knowing and being confident in the answers ahead of time will go a long way.  Prove you can handle your business professionally and your home completely, or at least show your plan for doing so.

Loans Specific to Women

The easiest way to get business loans for women is to simply look for business loans designed specifically for women.  The major piece of criteria is already met, the rest is icing on the cake.  These exist to level the playing field, and it is prudent to let them do just that.

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