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Sep - 22 - 2013

For the times when you do not have the manpower or the expertise to defend yourself, Tim Broas is your legal go to guy. With over 30 years of successful experience with all types of legal matters, Atty. Broas has defended some of the largest clients in the world as well as clients without a name that anyone would recognize. Quality legal service has been synonymous with the name Atty. Broas for over three decades.

Currently residing ss a partner in one of the largest law firms in Washington, DC, Atty. Broas now has the muscle to take on a case of any size. However, he uses this muscle for many other types of cases including cases which involved taking on much larger and important interests on behalf of the little guy. Recently, Atty. Broas was able to procure a freeze on the tuition of many of his clients so that they could attend school at an affordable rate.

Few lawyers can actually say that they use their skills for the benefit of society. When you find one like this, you can be sure that person is secure in his professional career but more importantly in the balance of his life. This is the service that you receive when you do business with Atty. Broas.

Big business can also trust Atty. Broas with their most sensitive cases. With clients from the Fortune 500 as well as varied cases dealing with everything from antitrust cases to personal injury cases, Atty. Broas has the experience for virtually every white collar legal defense. Depend on him and the resources that he brings to bear for the longest, most drawn out procedures.

The passion that Atty. Broas brings to the table on behalf of his clients is also unique to his practice. Few lawyers who have been in business for as long as he has still approach the entire process with as much vigor as the first day that they began to practice law. However, this is the type of service that you will receive from Atty. Broas - he really cares about his clients.

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