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As you begin to think about starting your own company, there are some questions you should pose to professionals who stand ready to help you.  Besides thinking about your own abilities and talents you should enquire about the assistance that is available to you and how it can best suit your needs.  Let’s take a look at some of the queries you should voice when working with a team of professionals who can help you get your business up and running successfully.


  1. Ask about the level of funding that they provide to you.  You’ll want to know the percentage and the breakdown of the funds.  You’ll want to enquire about payroll, VAT, holiday pay, your weekly margin, and HMRC liabilities.
  2. Will your margin be paid on Fridays and is there a charge for that?  It will be important to have your margins in your account on Friday so that you can attend to your financial obligations in a timely fashion.
  3. Is there a cap to the level of funds supplied to you?  As your company expands this will become more important; whether you have ten workers or a thousand you will not want a cap on your funding.
  4. Find out who is responsible for the taxes and your National Insurance. Will the company manage this for you and what is the charge for this service?
  5. You should discuss how holiday pay will be handled and for help with managing funds that are given to you in advance.
  6. Will accommodation be made for your VAT payments?  Many companies struggle with this tax so it’s important that you make your return efficiently.
  7. Ask if credit insurance will be a part of any package that you purchase from a company that will help you get your company started.  You’ll want to know what happens if one of your clients goes out of business.
  8. If you do decide to partner with a company that will help you set up your business, will they be available when you have queries? You’ll want to know with whom you will speak and how quickly they will help you find a solution.
  9. Ascertain if you will get reports from them that inform you of how your company is progressing and managing business operations and cash flow.
  10. You will also want to discuss the charges that accompany their services. Be sure to cover:
  • Interest charges
  • Set-up charges
  • Credit check charges
  • Minimum monthly charges

Setting up a recruitment agency will be an exciting adventure for you; you’ll finally see your dreams of entrepreneurship coming to life.  You may have many questions and lack the knowledge of knowing which rules and regulations must be followed; visiting the website can help to get you on the right track and your business off to a robust start.

With careful planning, professional guidance along the way, and dedication to hard work, your company is sure to be a success.

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