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business-groıupToday’s successful business doesn’t have to have a cushy marketing and advertising budget to beat out the competition for sales. The Internet has made it easier than ever to reach customers, begin (or continue) a conversation, build brand loyalty and encourage already loyal customers to tell their family and friends about your company. However, there are both advantages and disadvantages to such a wide-open marketplace. The truth is even mediocre companies can steal market share away from their higher quality competitors — like you. The key to building and sustaining market share is creativity. The more unique — not expensive, but unique — your marketing plan is, the better chance you have of capturing the interest of your customers over the short and long term. These unique marketing ideas can assist you with that goal.

Temporary Tattoos

Kids love tattoos. However, parents don’t tend to feel the same. Temporary tattoos are a family-friendly alternative to the real deal. Companies today know that getting kids to talk about products — whether those products are geared to kids or not — is a great way to make loyal customers out of their parents. With temporary tattoos for kids and adults, you will have free advertising in the exact place your target customers are most likely to see it!

Ask Me About My Business

If you don’t tell people what you are doing, there is little chance they will think to ask. Whether you are shy or very outgoing, wearing clothing or accessories that advertises for you is a great way to start a conversation about your products and services. Pins are great because you can transfer them from a t-shirt to an overcoat. As long as you are in plain view, you can advertise for virtually nothing.


It is a fallacy that people don’t read “real” books anymore. Even in this age of e-readers, people are still buying real books with pages and blurbs on the back cover. The book industry is alive and well, meaning enthusiastic readers always need bookmarks to help them keep their place. As a bonus, bookmarks are inexpensive free gifts you can easily leave lying around in bookstores and libraries, grocery stores and car dealerships, hair salons and … well, you get the idea. You might even consider sliding your promotional bookmarks in industry specific books. For example, if you run a computer repair business, ask your local bookstore if it would be all right to insert your bookmarks throughout their technology section.

Print Stickers or Magnetic Decals

In recent years magnetic decals have become increasingly popular. Print decals have also held fast to their status as low-cost, high-impact marketing items. Kids and teens love decals of any kind and adults in particular love magnetic decals that don’t mess up the paint on their vehicles. This is why stickers and magnets are still one of the all-time best ways to advertise.

Sponsor a Community Cause

If you and your company get involved in the community where you do business, you will see an influx in goodwill sales. In this age of ever-more-impersonal customer relations, local customers often feel very passionate about supporting local businesses. This helps the local economy to flourish, keeps innovative local businesses alive and helps the community as well.

Logo Unlikely Products

If you enjoy celebrating the holidays, what better way to celebrate than to logo it up and encourage your customers to enjoy the benefits! For instance, you could put your logo on boxes of crayons and ask all of your employees to hand them out for Halloween instead of candy. You could logo sharpies or goofy pens or pencils with cheery holiday slogans to pass out at parties and networking meetings. Adding cheer to potential customers’ days can translate to increased profits for you down the road.

Pass Out Pens Like Candy

Pens and pencils have not endured for decades as the most popular of all promotional items for no reason. From ballpoint pens to felt tip pens, permanent markers to calligraphy pens, paint pens to neon highlighters, mechanical pencils to the real old-fashioned lead pencils, customers simply need writing implements. If you put your logo on unique, high-quality writing implements, you can ensure free marketing and advertising for the shelf life of that pen or pencil. There is simply no other way to get more value out of your promotional items than by offering pens and pencils to everyone you meet.

With these unique marketing ideas, you’ll be on your way to building brand recognition that will translate to lasting customer loyalty.

About the Author: Gary Austin has been providing organizations with custom promotional products for over 25 years. Gary Austin Advertising specializes in pens, koozies, lighters, umbrellas and pretty much anything else you can think of to get your name out. For the best promotional pens around, check out the constantly evolving inventory at

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