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With every New Year that passes, countless people take the decision to start a new business for the first time. This can be an exciting, life-affirming choice, and at a time when people feel motivated to change their life circumstances, starting a business can often be the best idea you ever had. However, starting your own business is seldom, if ever, the easiest option, and you really have to want to succeed on your own in order to survive the ups and downs of the business journey. If you do want to start a business in 2014, in spite of the hard work and energy this demands, there are a few steps along the way that will help ensure you’re in the best position to get started.

Any good new business starts with a good business idea. A business idea doesn’t have to be unique or interesting – it simply has to work. So if you want to join the long list of sandwich shops, become a sandwich shop – as long as the model works for you and you know you can make money, you are on to a winner. Too many people make the mistake of thinking they have to change the world with their business model. While innovation is an important part of business success, you can still build up a very plain business, satisfying demand that already exists with a “me too” offering. Scrutinize your idea, and think of the pros and cons of any business venture you think about. This will help you to best understand what you are getting in for, so you can more effectively plan out your approach ahead of time.

Next up, the business plan – as entrepreneurs like Mark Weinberger will attest, an essential part of the business startup process. Not only important for raising money, the business plan is what you need to write down and to follow in order to take your business from idea to reality. Remember that the vast majority of new businesses fail, very early in their lifecycle. This is often a result of poor planning, and if you devise a realistic, viable business plan you can follow, there is no reason why your venture cannot take off as planned. However, failing to prepare is preparing to fail in business, and the results of poor planning can be financially and emotionally catastrophic.

Before properly launching your business, you need to think about the funding you will require to get the venture off the ground, and to sustain yourself and your business costs until you are making enough money to pick up the slack. The rule of thumb is that you always need more than you think. So calculate your total requirements, and then add a substantial contingency – some would even double it, depending on the repayment costs. This will ensure you have sufficient finance in place to more actively fund your business and its needs.

When it comes to launching your business, there are many pitfalls and dangers along the way that can catch you out. Success is never a straight line, and business owners in particular will be familiar with the challenges, tests and twists that can and do crop up from time to time. These will threaten the very existence of your business, and it takes nerves of steel and a calm head to steer through every storm. But for those with the right idea, the right plan, and the right approach to solving these problems, anything is possible when you run your own business.

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