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Running a local business in 2014 is a tricky situation to be in because although there are signs that the economy is back on track, business is still not quite at its best for many companies out there.  Therefore, effective marketing is essential, and – perhaps now more than ever – there are more tools at your disposal than there have ever been. Here’s our guide to implementing a great local marketing strategy.

Effective Branding

The power of iconic branding can’t be overemphasised. Good branding helps convert a potential customer into a guaranteed one via product and brand recognition, so it’s essential that if you’re looking to increase your business, you spend time and money on your branding.  Good branding is simple and easy to remember.  Look at big brands for inspiration, take Google, Facebook and Twitter as examples of companies who’ve got it right in the dot com age. Once you have your branding, you can begin to put it to good use in direct marketing and on your social media profiles, as these are the channels best suited to increasing your profit.

Targeted Direct Mail

Businessman carrying an envelope for corporate espionageAlthough many marketers will tell you that there’s no value in sending direct mail, local businesses can still attract a vast amount of business using this method.  It might be the case that a lot of mail that comes through your letterbox you’ll throw away or recycle, however, a good piece of mail can avoid the bin.  Send out high quality colour advertisements to the demographics of people in your local community who you believe will present the highest return on investment, and you’re sure to see boosts in profit. Make your adverts stand out against the rest by using colour envelopes from a company like All Colour Envelopes and you will give your adverts a better chance of being seen in amongst the others.

Don’t Ignore Social Media

Although social media is primarily a tool for creating networks of people who are not based locally, they can also be used by local businesses who are looking to increase their profit. Ensure your accounts are all branded correctly, and that you have clear directions to your location (if you’re a destination-based business). You could also create weekly or monthly events on Facebook and invite your followers to come along.  This is a good way of engaging your customers and getting repeat business. Overall, social media is great for creating a sense of community surrounding your company and for creating a loyal customer base.

So there you have it: 3 great marketing tips to increase the profitability in your local business in 2014.

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