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Initially HIPAA was created for paper health record privacy, just before HIPAA there was no safety common implemented to protect patient privacy. As time moves forward so does technologies and previously decade current advances in healthcare sector technologies developed a need to have to get a much more secure way of dealing with health care records.

With electronic overall health records are getting to be more readily available at cost productive charges healthcare amenities manufactured the move to these types of documents. Also with government regulation mandating electronic overall health information the Safety Specifications for that Safety of Electronic Protected Health Details also referred to as "the Safety Rule" was developed and enforced. While in the telesign two factor authentication, a procedure in two separate roommates of authenticating elements is used to identify a user, was not originally an Essential portion of the security process stated in the HIPAA Security Rule.

Described back in October 2003 in the PDF released by the National Institute of Standards and Technology in which multi factor authentication was mentioned. The document titled "Guide to Selecting Info Engineering Protection Products" stated what authentication was but did not always call for the implementation of this type of security. Obviously with electronic health care records getting so new and never used across all amenities they need for particular authentication was not created or enforced.

Then in April 2006 a brand new document was launched from the NIST called "Electronic Authentication Guideline" which stated 4 amounts of safety during which some essential a powerful authentication method. With many more hospitals accepting EHRs the want for stronger protection recommendations arose.

Although there have been no laws in spot that stated the requirement for two factor authentication they have been unclear and did not state the need to have for particular IT security controls. The "Electronic Authentication Guideline" drafted in June 2011 is a revision of the publication which much more clearly state the specific need for two-factor authentication including tokens types are accepted.

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