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An eco-friendly roof is a great way to conserve energy usage and support the environment. Today, "green" roofs are all the rage, but what exactly can you do to transform your home and make your roof more eco-friendly? There are actually many different possibilities and some are more popular than others. Below, you will find 3 cool DIY ideas that are actually accomplishable on a small to mid-range budget. As long as you've got time and good work ethic, these are plausible changes that would make your roof exceptionally eco-friendly.

Create a green roof by growing a garden on top of your home

Green roofs are growing considerably in popularity and they're actually possible to create yourself. Better yet, there are significant benefits to growing a garden on your roof. First and foremost, your energy costs will plummet to a much more manageable expense. Heating and cooling costs will be minimal, so while your electric company may despise you, your wallet will love you. Green roofs are beneficial to the environment because they provide plant life and a new habitat for small critters. It's a great way to give back and do something good for the environment and it won't cost a fortune to setup.

Before you begin creating your green roof, be sure to plan for this transformation. Green roofs add considerable weight to the top of your home. The water and soil can be quite heavy as they build up overtime. If you aren't careful, the weight could be too much for the roof to hold. Talk with a roof expert and come up with a plan to stabilize the structure of your roof. Some roofs aren't cut out for gardens and you may have to pay for an entirely new roof, which could be quite costly. It's important to know what you're getting into before you begin.

To create the green roof, you're going to need containers to hold the soil and plants. It's also important to leave room for a pathway so that you can walk beside the containers and have easy access to water the plants and provide them with the nutrients they need to stay alive.

Add solar panels to your roof

Solar panels are now more affordable than ever. If you want to create an eco-friendly roof, solar panels are an innovative option. However, they aren't your typical "DIY" project. If you really want a project on your hands, it's best to purchase solar cells and create your own solar panels. Solar cells are the bare minimum that you need to get started and you can find them online. Ebay, Amazon and even e-commerce websites are starting to sell solar cells to adventurist DIY'ers.

Creating a solar panel for your roof is actually quite simple and the end result will be enormous energy savings. Solar panels have the potential to cut your energy bill in half, or possibly even eliminate it. To build a solar panel, you simply place the cells inside a wood or aluminum panel that you have constructed. By placing glass over the top, you protect the solar cells while still allowing light to seep through and power the panels.

Add wind turbines to your roof

Wind turbines are a highly effective renewable energy source. By utilizing the power of wind, you can end your reliance on the energy company. Of course, you have to be located in an area with decent wind speeds. Anything greater than 10MPH should do for most small wind turbines. By searching online, you can even find DIY kits so that you can create your own turbine and save money. They allow you to construct the base, propellers, and other features of the turbine all on your own. Be sure to find a wind turbine that is durable and easily mountable to a roof. It has to be a fairly small model, because otherwise it would be too bulky to mount on top of a residential home.

Author Bio: This article is written by Noel Finley of a roofing contractor in the Virginia area.

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