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Each year, thousands of people sign up to complete Master of Business Administration (MBA) courses. These programs do require an investment of time, effort and money, but they can prove to be hugely beneficial for individuals’ career prospects. After all, the employment market remains highly competitive and if people are to be in with a chance of landing the best jobs, they need to stand out from the crowd.

If you’re looking to secure the top roles in prestigious companies, you should consider one of these courses to build the skills and knowledge required. Whether you take an Executive Master of Business Administration or opt for another similar program, this decision could set you on the path to success. The qualifications are particularly useful if you wish to operate in the fields of business, management or finance.

Some facts and figures

According to figures produced by the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC), around 92% of 2012 business school graduates around the world found employment within three months of completing their studies. This was up from 86% the previous year.

Potential dynamite

Big employers attract a lot of interest from talented and well-qualified jobs candidates. However, those with an MBA often have an edge over their rivals. Speaking to the Daily Telegraph about this, Kate Russell, managing director of Russell HR Consulting, remarked: “The value of an MBA is that it extends a student’s breadth and depth of knowledge, and exposes them to a broad range of creative thinking, experience and expertise. This combination, along with the individual’s ability to apply his or her knowledge in the workplace, is potential dynamite for employers.”

The value of foreign study

The business world is becoming increasingly globalized and so, when they’re recruiting, major employers often prioritize individuals who have worked or studied overseas. Completing all or part of an MBA abroad offers a host of benefits. It can provide people with enhanced language skills and a greater awareness of other cultures. Not only that, they’re a chance to build various important life skills and broaden their world view. More specifically, foreign study gives people an insight into international standards, regulations and laws.

Well worth it

There’s no denying that completing an MBA requires considerable ability and dedication. However, by obtaining such a qualification, you can demonstrate to employers that you have the knowledge, skill and commitment to succeed.

To gain an even greater advantage in the jobs market, you may want to consider studying abroad.

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