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Even if the economy is going through a difficult period, after the crisis of credits in 2008. The Forex market was not affected by those problems, and it continued to perform. The average traded volume is 5300 trillion dollars, according to the study published by the end of the last week by the Bank for International Regulations (BIS).

Official data show an increase of 30% of the daily volume since 2010. The intense activity is attributed to many factors, such as the volatility, to the acceptance of more and more currencies, and to the global character of Forex. Generally, the quality of the product has direct effects on its popularity, meaning that better websites appeared, increasing the trust of clients in Forex services.

The study of BIS was made during the last three years, and it follows the volumes traded on the currency market, being the most precise source of information about the structure and the volume of Forex, the organization was founded in 1930 as the Central Bank of the Central Banks in the entire world. The study of Forex started with 1989, and it has the goal of helping the authorities to monitor the activity and the exposure in the global financial system. Recent data show that the US Dollar is still the most popular currency, as it is included in 87% of the total number of transaction. Euro is also popular, being traded in 33% of transactions, but the currency with the fastest growth was the Japanese Yen.

Other important changes during the last three years were the increasing importance of the Chinese Yuan, and of the Mexican Pesos, which are now amongst the most important 10 currencies in the Forex world. Check out forex trading online.

Trading is still concentrated in the main financial centers: New York, London, Tokyo and Singapore, where 71% of transactions are recorded.

The study concluded that the Forex market has a huge potential for development, and it will surely grow even more during the upcoming years.

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