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Almost every country in the industrialised West is facing basically the same gigantic economic problem. During the early parts of the last decade, when things were good in most economies and they were growing rapidly, governments often instituted social programmes to help the needy and the disenfranchised, using either government bonds or other sources of revenue to fund their projects. From a purely social point of view, this is a good thing, as every society should in fact come to the aid of those that need it most. The problem often becomes paying for it. When times are good, budgets can be practically balanced and everyone is happy. The problem develops when things start going sour, which is exactly where we find ourselves today.


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If it's any consolation, the problem does not exist only here in the UK, with the Prime Minister making several proposals to cut back on certain social programmes, even though he has not dared raise the idea of actually raising taxes. In the United States, at this very moment, there is a raging debate about how to balance a budget which is terribly out of control. President Obama wants to institute many new expensive programmes, such as public health insurance, similar to what we enjoy here in the UK, but he is meeting with fierce resistance. Several times in the last few months, the entire federal government of the United States has come within hours of having to shut down completely, due to lack of funding.

Getting the Advice You Need

Although prices of homes in the UK are beginning to creep up again, especially in trendy and desirable areas such as central London, there are still many bargains to be found in most parts of the country. For this reason, there has been a definite increase in the number of homes being bought and sold, which is always good for the economy. Individuals involved in these transactions need to be sure that they fully understand the documents that they're signing. It's not always easy, as there is a lot of legal jargon which is difficult for the layman to understand. For this reason, co-op conveyancing has become an extremely popular way to get the legal advice that is necessary to be able to sign any documents with confidence, without spending a small fortune.

Nobody Likes a Tight Belt

The problems for many countries in Europe are even worse than those here or in United States. Many countries are known for their liberal social policies which many people have benefited from over the last few decades. The problem in such countries as France and Spain is that they are almost bankrupt. If not necessarily bankrupt, they need to try to get their economies back in line with the general principles and concepts on which the European Union itself was founded. This requires cutting back on spending and introducing the dreaded “A” word: austerity.

Because large parts of the population in these countries, as well as in Italy, have become quite comfortable receiving the many social benefits that are in place, there is a tremendous backlash against starting to cut back on social programmes and services. While this is understandable, it is going be very difficult to get any of these countries’ economies back on a path towards fiscal health unless painful cuts are made. The question remains whether there is the political courage to do so in the face of massive popular resistance.

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