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The Rise of Enterprise Video

Aug - 17 - 2013

There are many ways to teach people, many ways for enterprise to use to train their new recruits. Video is just one of them. Video cannot be the only media to use. In spite of this fact, no one can deny that video is one of the most effective ways to teach people. Aside from being a means of teaching, video can be used by the enterprise as a means to promote their products. Seeing as video has become so important, there are many people who give video hosting services.

Enterprise Media Platform enables organizations or enterprises to create private networks for various functions, such as internal communications, digital display and employee training. These private networks should be secure so the only ones who can access them are the one who work for the enterprise. It will be better if these networks can also be accessed through mobile devices and televisions instead of being able to be accessed exclusively through computers.

There are many advantages to having private networks. They can be used for messaging, urgent communication, even presentations. In fact, presentations will be much easier to understand when you use videos. Aside from those, the networks can also be used for new employee training or even to introduce new products.

Videos can also be used as an addition to manual guide, seeing as video can help people to understand things better. With these videos, it can help to reduce support call time for common questions that often asked repeatedly. Videos can also benefit the human resources department in the way that they will increase the frequency of communications, improve productivity and comprehension and since you can access the videos anywhere anytime, it will cut the travel costs. Videos can also be used to market the product, demo training or as guidelines for the field sales.

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