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If you run a business, you know how challenging it can be, sometimes, to juggle everything. Whether it’s managing employee payment issues, or client complaints and referrals, or the budget itself, with cash coming in and out almost too fast for you to keep track of--it can be exhausting. And if you stretch yourself too thin, there’s always the danger of doing less well than you would otherwise, which negatively impacts your small business.

That’s why it’s so important to know what the best apps out there are for your small business. Whether you’re specializing in social media and logo design for other companies, or you’re leading an online sales team, these apps are going to change the way you do business--and possibly transform your entire team.

1 MailChimp

One of the most important aspects of running a small business is managing your social media presence online. But, as your small business grows, it can be a challenge to keep track of managing subscribers for your email newsletters and ensuring that all the different aspects of your online presence match (for example, whether your Shopify themes match those in your Facebook page). Luckily, MailChimp simplifies all of this--and in addition to creating all the right templates and campaigns, MailChimp also helps you manage your groups and deliver all you need to your audience.>

2 Plann

Now that Instagram is one of the most important ways to connect on social media with your audiences--in fact, according to Forbes, it was the top social platform for engagement in 2017--it’s not something that you can handle on your own anymore. Even if you have a social media manager, you’re going to want to ensure there are some analytics making your life a little easier. This is where Plann comes in. This app is an all-inclusive Instagram planning, scheduling, and analytics app which has everything you need to design, edit, analyze, and schedule your Instagram posts.

3 Mint

Of course, when it comes to budgeting, you’re going to want the best for your business--and Mint is one of the best apps out there for budgeting. Why? Even though it was originally designed for personal finances, Mint can now be used for small business budgeting too; with this app, your cash flow, budgets, and bills are all stored in one place. And you’ll be able to work out a budget for one-time starting fees, fixed ongoing fees, variable ongoing fees, and optional expenses.

4 Expensify

One of the most difficult aspects of running a small business that you’ll have to manage, especially as your team grows and you even consider opening up new offices, is your employees filling out expense reports anytime they spend money while on business. Luckily, the Expensify app significantly simplifies this process--which means that you’ll be able to spend more time making money and solving problems instead of dealing with the annoying logistics of paying expenses.

5 Quickbooks

Then, of course, another headache that any small business has to deal with is filing taxes. Even if you’ve got a really good accountant, when it comes to keeping track of all your costs, income, and potential deductions, things can get confusing fast. That’s why Quickbooks mobile accounting software is so irreplaceable--whether you’re keeping track of invoices or receipts, or preparing for tax season.

6 Tiny Scanner

Tiny Scanner is an app that sounds exactly like what it does: it quickly and simply can turn any photograph you take into a PDF. This means that you’ll be able to scan any of your business documents--from receipts to reports to invoices--and turn them immediately into quickly-made PDFs, and then send them directly through emails, the cloud, and even faxes.

7 Toggl

Especially if you’ve got a remote team, or many of your employees are working per hour and charting their hours, you should consider using Toggl. Even though there are many ways to track time out there, Toggl is one of the simplest to use, which is why it’s so popular. And it also makes your employees better workers: by analyzing what’s taking up their time otherwise, and helping them build up better working habits.

8 DocuSign

DocuSign is yet another app that sounds exactly like what it does: it’s an app that simplifies the process of signing documents by making the entire process electronic. If you’re a web-based service, or your team’s remote, or many of your clients expect a quick turnaround with contracts, this can be of great use to your small business.

9 Square Point of Sale

If you’ve stepped into any hipster coffeeshop recently, they’re undoubtedly using the Square Point of Sale app: an app that makes it much simpler for your business to take payments via credit or debit card. If your small retail business wants to both look trendy and be taken seriously in your community, then you should definitely get one of these.

10 Gusto

Finally, if your company is starting to grow, and you think you may need to expand your Human Resources team from, well, just you, to a larger automated and easier-to-use service, you should consider using Gusto. This app will simplify everything from managing payroll, benefits, and other HR issues.

What about you? What apps do you use to run your small business?

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