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job-online-from-homeWhether a web surfer searches for a way to work online from home because of increased expenses or because of a reduction in income or, perhaps, because the idea of easy rewards and discounts the volume of those wanting to telecommute is virtually exploding. Unfortunately, too many “opportunities that really, really work” don't — except for the scammers who send the spam emails or drape additional pay-out qualifications in the path of the desperate souls who grasp at the illusion of earning “big money” from the comfort of one's home.

One of the genuine opportunities that appear like a pearl from a mountain of oysters is Swagbucks. The online work at home program with Swagbucks is simple: People are offered six different ways to earn Swagbucks. They are shop, search, watch, play, answer and discover. Each method involves completing qualifying tasks, earning Swagbucks credit and redeeming them for gift certificates or cash, depending on the program parameters. The shop venue presents a list of popular stores like, and more. Make a qualifying purchase and you earn up to five Swag Bucks per dollar spent, computing to roughly a 5-percent cash back pay-out.

The search option presents a Swagbucks search engine page quite similar to Google's or Startpage's inquiry screen. You simply make your searches from that window, and when you make an online purchase from a Swagbucks sponsor, you earn Swagbucks credit. The Swagbucks watch program awards credits for watching videos, movies and TV shows that gift Swagbucks credit. Choose from the categories of entertainment, fashion, health, music, food, news, home and garden, pets and travel, television, technology and Swagbucks (SB) originals. The play section presents a search box to find your favorite free, online games. When you play a Swagbucks sponsor's game, you earn SB credit. Where else can you earn terrific rewards and cash value just for relaxing and having fun? The answer section allows you to complete Swagbucks surveys that pay in either Swagbucks credits or occasionally in cash.

Lastly, the Special Offers area lets the user join others in special offers, as the name implies, with guaranteed Swagbucks credit. This section is so important to Swagbucks that they present a hints and tips section to help you earn as much as possible while saving as much as possible. If you are looking desperately or casually for legitimate ways to fortify your personal bottom line, don't overlook the Swagbucks opportunity. The relief that you've finally found real reward among the plethora of scams and “just don't work” programs on the Internet can be quite gratifying.

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