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Feb - 27 - 2014

Knowing how to brand effectively is a talent that that every successful company will possess, and one whose importance every business should recognise. Many large corporations have a whole department dedicated to this process, but you don’t need an entire allocated body of staff to make a positive, lasting impression with your customers.

Creating a Brand

There are multiple ways to build a brand. Those with some marketing experience may choose to design their own. However, if you’re less astute, hire a graphic designer rather than running the risk of getting it wrong. This initial step is arguably the most important part of the entire process; if your brand fails to reflect your business and falls flat when it comes to catching the eye of your target audience, then your brand is pointless. It won’t bring in more customers. And it won’t generate more income. Better for the branding process to drag on interminably than to rush the process and find that the resultant, hastily-acquired brand is useless.


Consistency is key. If you’ve followed the process correctly, then your brand is the very best it can be. You should be plastering it everywhere so that it can perform the function you intend it to. It is important to have faith in your design; once you have committed to it, use it across all of your advertising mediums. Using multiple brands only serves to confuse consumers, and that’s something that every successful marketing campaign must avoid. The brand or logo should be clear and consistent across all advertising and marketing campaigns, so that when you get it right your success can be attributed to you.

Market Your Brand

Once you have your brand, you need to unleash it on the world. However good it is, it won’t benefit your company if nobody sees it. View your brand as an asset; you want to put it to work and see how well consumers respond to it. Eventually you want your brand to be instantly recognisable and for people to automatically associate it with your company. To forge that link and reap the benefits, you need to make sure that it is visible: the more a consumer sees a brand, the more familiar they become with it; and the more familiar consumers are with a brand, the more apt they are to buy from it.

You already possess many assets which you can use to market your brand, primarily your company clothing and your office. If your employees are delivering quality service, you should be using visual imagery to remind customers that they work for you, thus enhancing your company’s reputation. Visit a retailer such as Brookes to buy high quality corporate work wear personalized to meet your requirements.

If your business has an office, brand it. If you’re delivering excellent service, you want potential clients to be reminded of the quality of your enterprise when they visit your headquarters. Branding the interior helps to show that you have pride in your business, and that you want everyone to know who you are and to recognize the work that you do. Use branded floor mats so that your brand is the first thing that people see when they enter your office.

From here, consolidate the effectiveness of your brand with simple touches such as branded pens, paper, letterheads and office supplies.

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